cleaning out closet and make money

sell used clothes, already sold out "wealth" Swap find or former favorite pieces with new ones: the website offers clothes roundabout fashion enthusiasts many options and an alternative to conventional shopping. We explain how the thrift platform works - and how can make money there right

Sell, buy or exchange - in clothes gyro is everything. Thousands of pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories here every day a new owner. Here's how it works:

Clothes sell clothes roundabout:

Who wants to sell clothes roundabout fashion must first log in and create a member profile. Then you can set items for free in the catalog by posting a short descriptive text, some informative article and carrying photos shoots and calls his desired price. If the item sells, the buyer pays the shipping. Assured the transaction is about clothes gyro itself when, instant bank transfer or PayPal will be paid by credit card.

Swap clothes on clothes roundabout:

As an alternative to selling clothes gyro also provides the ability to exchange clothes with other members. In principle, it works as the sale: garments are described and photographed and then placed on the platform.

Clothes centrifugal community:

In members forum all registered clothes spinning top sellers and buyers can exchange about personal - here you will find among other things a lot of helpful tips and information around the platform, but also on issues such as love, relationships, cooking recipes and Co.

Clothes roundabout: right way to sell - how it works!

sell clothes that you no longer wears, or fashion mispurchases successful on the internet and thus make money - which Shopaholic does not dream ?! Clothes gyro Topverkäuferin Miriam, aka "XXMN", Earned in the year more than 6,000 euros in the popular online Seco Hand platform and GLAMOR has exclusively reveal their best clothes gyro 12 tips:

1. The right offer

"In my clothes gyro catalog are mainly found vintage fashion and special stuff from the 90s. I like to rummage at garage sales and thrift stores, search and select special items with history, which are so no longer sold in the store."

2. Popular brands

"Are straight at the roundabout dresses vintage Mom jeans and the classic Levi's 501 most popular."




3. The right clothes

"Vintage leather jackets work great with me. In the spring also parts run with stripes, floral prints and pastel colors very well."

4. The perfect timing

"Winter jackets in summer and in winter clothes? No. The own catalog should adapt to the seasons."

5. Good Product Images

"Good photos are the alpha and omega for sales success. The garment must be mapped faithfully - color, material and section should best be seen. That's why I'm doing from any part detail images on the bracket and additionally one or two carrying photos." 



6. Cool carrying photos

"I combine my clothes, so you can imagine a total look. Some girls love to be inspired and then buy the same a complete style in the package."

7. Meaningful descriptions

"I describe the garment as detailed as possible: state material, fit, size and special characteristics. For guidance I give my body and clothing size. Hashtags increase the range at clothes spinning top."

8. A reasonable price

"The price is generally based on the condition of the article and the material composition and should never be too high."

9. Good communication

"The exchange with potential buyers is very important - often arise really nice contacts with other members. I am happy to also advise, answer questions and give styling tips."

10. Packing and Shipping

"My clothes I pack with great attention to detail. Each buyer can look forward to a nice package with a personal, hand-made message and a little attention."




11. That certain something

"The presentation of the garment, a friendly exchange and a nice communication are just as important as loving packing and timely sending of the parcel at clothes spinning top. Show your personality by her stylt and combined."

12. No-Gos on the sale

"Holes, stains, clothes in poor condition, false information to the article and a delayed delivery does not go - and say the worst case in the community around."

Also in the GLAMUNITY clothes gyro is an issue:

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