This Scandinavian fashion labels you need to know

Not only during the Stockholm and Copenhagen Fashion Week shows up again and again: Swedes and Danes have an extraordinary sense of style and fashion - and they have the coolest brands. We provide Swedish and Danish fashion brands whose jeans, shirts (warning: fantastic, not so minimalist feel-good prints!), Bags, accessories & Co. are just desires particularly hot in the fashion crowd by Pernille Teisbaek to Elin Kling. And you will not be able to resist for long. Promised!

Danish fashion: Ganni

Always on the cutting edge and extremely casual: Danish label
Ganni is one of the currently most popular Scandinavian brands. In addition to the cool Wardrobe Basics Creative is Directorin Ditte Reffstrup known for the design of their extravagant Ready-to-wear items such as dresses and skirts, which are very popular combined versatile and especially with fashion bloggers. Moreover Ganni has shoes, accessories and lingerie in the range. Big summer trend: the sweet fruit-shirts are currently on almost any Instagram account - to find - not just the Danes and Swedes.

Danish fashion: Saks Potts

The so typical Scandinavian minimalism, the two young Danes Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks did not care much. Extravagant and very colorful is the fashion, the two designers since 2013 for its Copenhagen-based label
Saks Potts design. One of the most hyped parts on Instagram? A pink hooded sweater with large label logo.

Danish fashion: By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger thrilled with feminine styles, clean lines, elegant cuts and special details and materials - while the collections are (typically Skandi halt) to carry extremely straightforward. In fashion circles, the dresses, skirts and knitwear of Scandinavian labels are especially popular. Lena Meyer-Land Ruth is a big fan of modern interpretations of classic By Malene Birger. Good to know: Malene Birger founded in 2014 with Birger1962 another label and goes to her passion for interior design and art. 

Danish fashion: Jane Kønig Jewelry

Reduced forms in combination with extravagant details: goldsmith and jewelry designer
Jane Kønig enchants with its elegant filigree jewelry for some time fashion editors and fashion bloggers. Ideas for their accessory design takes the Dane in everyday objects, tools and her family: So remember their iconic bracelets on screws, a piece of string - or are inspired by the pearl jewelry in-law.

Danish fashion: Tree & Pferdgarten

The Danish designers Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave (in German: Pferdgarten) founded their label in 1999 after studying in Copenhagen and swim to success for some time. Playful details on dresses, skirts and blouses, high-contrast design and striking prints are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian
Fashion label, which is also popular with bloggers and editors.

 Swedish fashion: Acne Studios

The epitome of Scandinavian cool and great jeans - and internationally the best known of the Scandinavian brands, the Swedish label 
Acne Studios. Founded back in 1996 by Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios stands (stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions") for quality basics and avant-garde fashion for men and women. Definitely always worth an investment: the jeans, leather jackets and cardigans of the label. Absolute cult Footwear: sweet sneaker with comic face, there is every season in new variants.

Swedish fashion: Filippa K

Minimalist, essential, high quality: Filippa K is the epitome of Scandinavian fashion for the 1993rd Founder Filippa Knutsson launched her label with the aim of a "curated wardrobe" to provide for women and men - to combine timeless, durable and easy. Classic trench coats and elegant blazers are as much a range of
Filippa K as uncomplicated tops, casual knits and cool sportswear items. In all, you can build. The issue of sustainability has enjoyed significant Sweden has always been a high priority: it is made fair and environmentally friendly, as well as clothing is recycled. By 2030, all collections are to be produced sustainably to 100 percent.

Swedish fashion: Rodebjer

After being repeatedly asked about her self-designed outfits to Carin Rodebjer 1999 decided to start her own label and make available to its wonderfully relaxed style to a wider audience. Inspired by the Swedish designer feels both her adopted New York as well as from her hometown of Stockholm. The draft 
Rodebjer are feminine and suitable for everyday use: Casual suits, kaftans, dresses and kimono can easily style from day to night mode. Even stars like Alicia Vikander are fans.

Swedish fashion: Tiger of Sweden

The history of the Swedish tradition Labels
Tiger of Sweden goes back over 100 years. It all started with men's suits off the rack. Then the founder Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordstrøm well-fitting uniforms produced for the Swedish army, made over the decades various ups and downs and managed time and again to reinvent itself. This goes to the account of Tiger of Sweden: The label has managed to free the suit from the office and make it suitable for everyday use as a relaxed and elegant garment. Falsely Tiger of Sweden is often perceived as a classic men's outfitters still in people's minds. Good to know: Tiger of Sweden also makes fantastic minimalist Scandinavian Clean-chic for women today. Plus: a great timeless denim collection. Genuine Favorite: suede jacket with waist belt in Cognac is definitely never go out of fashion!

Swedish fashion: House of Dagmar

Behind founded in Stockholm in 2005 Fire House of Dagmar sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam stand. The three have combined their individual fashion background and run since the label, which was named after her grandmother Dagmar together. Classic cuts and luxurious styles with Twist and attention to detail are typical of 
House of Dagmar. The heart of each collection of Sweden: fantastic knitting favorites. Fan is next to the Scandinavian blogger Elin Kling Stars and Pernille Teisbaek among other Princess Sofia of Sweden.

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