No more bad buys when Zara Online Shopping

True Shopaholics know their dress size naturally from the inside out - it still happened even the greatest experts from time to time that the purchased part but does not fit properly, which is quite different than expected or simply too big or too small, although its regular size has ordered. Here Zara now provides a remedy: a new sizing tool in the online shop measures individually that garment in which size best fits

For Zara fans who are in the online shop of high street labels regularly out on the new sizes tool can be of real help, it displays yet, what size to own physique fits best. And this is how it works:




If you call a particular garment in Zara online store, in addition to the available sizes and the blue button "What size fits me?" visible.




After clicking, a new window, where you can now enter its dimensions (height and weight) opens. It is also possible to define a slider if you prefer to wear figure-hugging or loosely the garment. Anyone who is unsure as to the correct size still has the option, to provide information regarding its silhouette (flat or rather round belly, narrow or wide hips, or - for tops and dresses - Information on underbustwidth and cup size). His age you can specify, if desired - that has in fact also affects the distribution of your weight.

We think: A great idea that could make online shopping in the future even easier!

 05/03/2017, 10:48

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