Blue, Yellow, Green & amp; Co .: The colors for the summer

Each season the color Pantone Institute summarizes the top 10 trendy colors of the season in his "Fashion Color Report"together. The best news first: Pink and Pink us stay in the form of "Pale Dogwood" and "Pink Yarrow" get in the summer 2017th Additionally, we are next to blues ("Niagara". "Lapis Blue". "Iceland Paradise") And green nuances "Greenery" and "Kale" and yellow ("Primerose Yellow") And a strong orange-red ("Fleming"). A calm nuance Pantone has also on offer: "Hazelnut", A warm beige. In addition, extremely seen in fashion and on most catwalks: White. All trend colors 2017 - and how to wear

Color Trend 1: denim blue (Pantone 17-4123 Niagara)


Pantone /

"Niagara"A soft shade of blue, leading to the first place of the Pantone trend colors for Spring 2017 and was represented in many interpretations on numerous catwalks. Carolina Herrera sent blue evening dresses in denim design down the runway, Michael Kors Collections floral prints and DKNY simple knit sweater in soft "Niagara",

How do I combine denim blue?

The classic denim blue is an easy to be combined hue. In the summer he works best in other shades of blue to white or silver.    


Color Trend 2: Pink (Pantone 17-2034 Pink Yarrow)


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All designers love Pink! The bang color Pantone for spring "Pink Yarrow" baptizes, was to Paris omnipresent on the catwalks of New York and is one of the
2017. Particularly frequently to see the biggest fashion trends for spring / summer: Pink as a complete look.

How do I combine Pink?

Who pink from head to toe is a little too violent, relies on individual accessories or combined beige, khaki, gray or white.   


Color Trend 3: Khaki (Pantone 18-0107 Kale)


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"Back to nature": Matching
large outdoor trend dominated on the catwalks greens like khaki and olive in the form of anoraks, trousers and skirts. Pantone calls the typical military tone "Kale" - which by the way means kale in German.

How do I combine Khaki?

Earthy Green is one of the most rewarding summer colors and fits virtually every other sound. We particularly like the combination with white, pink or orange.


Color Trend 4: orange-red (Pantone 17-1462 Flame)


Pantone /

"Fleming" brings fiery heat in the fashion summer 2017. The intense color, which is somewhere between orange and red, was particularly fond used by labels such as Tibi, Sies Marjan, Sportmax or Emilio Pucci allover: Orange-red dresses and jumpsuits dominated the catwalks.

How do I combine orange-red?

Neutral colors such as cream or white blend perfectly with intense orange-red. Also, dark navy blue, black or khaki green work wonderfully. 


Color Trend 5 Yellow (Pantone 13-0755 Primrose Yellow)


Pantone /

Dominated in winter especially darker Mandarin, curry and saffron the catwalks, it becomes lighter again in the spring: Bright warm "Primrose Yellow" is the color of sunshine and makes all become fashion fans a good mood.

How do I combine yellow?

Sunny yellow is the perfect companion to Jean Blue, Khaki or Black.  


Color Trend 6: Bright dark blue (Pantone 19-4045 Lapis Blue)


Pantone /

The second trend-blue color for spring / summer 2017 is named after the intensely brilliant lapis lazuli stone: "Lapis Blue", According to Pantone the intense blue radiates very much peace and strength. On the catwalks he was particularly often seen as a complete look or green, red or black.

How do I combine brilliant dark blue?

Who is not a fan of color-blocking, combined "Lapis Blue" safest to white or black.


Color Trend 7: water blue (Pantone 14-4620 Iceland Paradise)


Pantone /

This color evokes the longing for vacation, warmth and relaxation. Refreshing turquoise blue, Pantone "Iceland Paradise" (Ie Inselparadie) called, reminiscent of Caribbean waters and definitely makes feel like summer. You could see the trend color among others at Vetements, Tibi, or Loewe Emilio Pucci.

How do I combine turquoise blue?

Aquamarine tones harmonize very well with each other. With white, they provide a very light summer look to Black evening they are compatible. 


Color Trend 8: Delicate Pink (Pantone 13-1404 Pale Dogwood)


Pantone /

A summer without Rosé? Inconceivably. Also in 2017 will stay with us the delicate, feminine trend color. On runways from New York to Paris in the shade that flatters almost every complexion was used in many ways: as "Head to toe"-Look to the innocent companion of black, blue or gray.

How do I combine Rosa?

as a real "Jack of all trades" fits the trend color pink to really any other sound.  


Color Trend 9: grass green (Pantone 15-0343 Greenery)


Pantone / Michael Kors

Grass green is not only a preferred Smoothie Color - next summer they also conquered our wardrobe in the form of skirts, dresses and sweaters. Immediately provides a fresh and positive attitude!

How do I combine grass green?

Less gaudy acts grass green in combination with light gray. Blue and White let the trend color radiate particularly intense.  


Color Trend 10: Warm Beige (Pantone 14-1315 Hazelnut)


Pantone /

Warm Hazelnut Beige is probably the most neutral color trend for the fashion summer 2017 - and was during the Fashion Month particularly like to white (Lacoste), silver or gray (Creatures of the Wind) styled.

How do I combine Hazelnut Beige?

Especially chic looks warm beige in combination with white, trendy is it to Pink, silver or orange.  


Color Trend 11: White


Pantone /

When actually "Non-color" White remains of Pantone Although ignored - a big trend are ivory, cream, coconut & Co. anyway. Especially common to see 2,017-looking during the spring / summer: long plain clothes were styled very purist.

How do I combine white?

White goes on and everything.

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