Arket: First store and online shop are opened

The wait is over: The new H&M label Arket can shop now

Arket is here! Coinciding with the launch of the online shop, which is accessible now available in 18 European countries, has the first own store of the new label from the H&M group on London's Regent Street opened.

Of course we immediately a glance thrown into the online store and the same times
a few favorite looks found. In addition to the categories women, men, children and home wear can be found here as well as recipes. With "Pinks" dedicated Arket the current favorite color of Millennials even a separate category. Who himself wants to make an impression - with can be shopped from now.

The first German Arket store opened the way on 13 October 2017 in Munich.

Updated on August 9th, 2017

On August 25, 2017 has finally come: Arket, the new fashion label from the H&M-cosmos, the fashion for women, men and children and home wear and a private food concept involves, opens its doors - in the British capital and digitally in 18 European countries, including Germany. A stationary German store is to follow in October 2017 in Munich. A special goodie awaits all fashionistas that can be set already on the mailing list of Arket (accessible under Already on August 23, two days before the official launch, here you can discover the first collection and parts discounted shopping online. First campaign pictures make already tired of the draft:

Updated on June 6, 2017

So beautiful is the first collection of Arket

Elegant silhouettes, minimalist design, sophisticated details and muted colors: Finally, there are the first pictures of the premiere collection of Arket that offer a good taste of the label. The new fashion brand by H&M will be launched in late August 2017th All images and information

Arket, the new label from H&M granted about three months before the launch of a first look at his designs - and definitely make you want more! In addition to basics like cuddly sweaters and -Sweatern all Skandi fans timeless cut skirts and trousers can cleverly Tops and blouses and happy. There is also minimalist jewelry and precious bags. That the focus of Arket "beyond trends" should be, is clear once again - the clothes are still designed so that they can act as a basis for any well-stocked wardrobe.





News from March 30, 2017

H&M launches a new brand

"arket" is the name of the new fashion brand, the Swedish fashion giant H&M will launch later this year. All info

the H&M family is growing: To Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, Cheap Monday and COS soon joins also "arket" - now that reports of fashion industry insiders Business of Fashion (BoF). 

What you can shop at Arket?

The new label will alongside modern fashion for women, men and children also have a curated assortment of smaller equipment items on offer - in addition to Arket products from other non-H&Sale M label. "For modern consumers, it is important to find different brands under one roof, which is much more comfortable"Says Ulrika Bernhardtz, creative director of Arket, told Bof. Which Brands that are, at the present time is not yet known. However, the focus of the entire product range will be on simple, timeless and functional design: "The brand DNA of Arket stands for freshness, quality and warmth"So Ulrika Bernhardtz. preceded the project start of Arket was an intensive research phase, so Bernhardtz on. It should come out that a broad customer base of classic, high-quality products is interested, which are presented in an environment that is both simple and inspiring - and in the other labels to H&M-Cosmos fit, were to be found.

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Arket: Prices

The prices at Arket should be located slightly higher than in H&M. Shirts for Men, for example, are priced from 40 to 115 euros.

Where will there be Arket stores?

The first Arket store will open on Regent Street in London in late August 2017th At the same time, the online shop starts in 18 European countries - are also more Shops in Brussels, Copenhagen and
Munich (this is to open in October 2017!) Planned. Selected Arket stores will also include cafes where "New Nordic Kitchen" is served. After shopping so you can then eat healthy too.

What does the name mean "arket"?

The name Arket is Swedish and means something like "white sheet of paper", He is supposed to symbolize a new beginning, optimism, while the Scandinavian design ethic (function, simplicity, design, quality), then Ulrika Bernhardtz against BoF.

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