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In such an invention, we have been waiting for: With these shoes, the heels have it replaced

Tanya Heath

It's this simple: shoes with interchangeable heels
Tanya Heath

Does this sound familiar: long night of partying, high heels, sore feet - and the urgent desire for flat shoes! But who wants to lug around his Flats permanently with him to exchange his shoes at the end of the night? Apart from the exchange pair rarely fits into a clutch ...

Shoes with interchangeable heel

Mere paragraphs, however, hardly take place in the evening bags - and this is where the Parisian shoe designer Tanya Heath on. She has invented shoes with interchangeable heels. "During my first jobs in Paris 20 years ago I was constantly changing between high heels and ballet flats"Said the native New Yorker against the US Huffington Post. "Soon I had the nickname 'La New Yorkaise', so I was taking care of me to Paris, and was wearing only high heels, which was not good for my feet naturally",  

Replace paragraph: Find it

Necessity is the mother of invention - said Tanya Heath finally created her own eponymous shoe label. In their models, the paragraphs can be exchanged - and also look really cool: Whether classic black, leopard print or with sparkling Eiffel Tower Print, imagination knows no bounds. These block or stiletto heels that can clip on in ballet flats or sandals, the Flats, pumps or sandals turn. How to do this, this
video. So sounds perfect! come the shoes without heels, which can be bought as desired to do so. The price for the base model with 395 euros and 40 euros for a couple Absätz is indeed lifted - but if we can say so foot pain ade, the investment could be worthwhile. By the way: If you do not want to order from the United States, should take a look at
Mime et Moi toss. The Munich-based label will bring in the spring of 2015, a very similar version on the market. We are excited!

April 9, 2015, 11:13

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