Most styles of Meghan Markle – plus princesses check

"Suits"-Star Meghan Markle seems to be well on its way toward becoming the next British princess. The rumors about a wedding with Prinz Harry in any event be louder. Reason enough to take the beautiful actress even closer look: The 20 best looks of Meghan Markle plus the ultimate princesses check

Meghan Markle is the new it-girl of the season, after all she has caught the most sought-after bachelor in the world: Prince Harry! After bikini and underwear models the beautiful American woman is sometimes a choice that could please the English royal family - the relationship was nevertheless already officially confirmed by Buckingham Palace! We looked at the "Suits"- Actress times more accurately viewed and checked for typical princess properties.

1. It has the makings of a style icon

In our gallery you can find the best looks of Meghan in recent years. She is not only beautiful, but also proves sense of style at almost every event. Single to-do: The skirt length is likely to be for the royal label of the royal family from time to time too short. But who knows, maybe one serving brings "sexy" in the Buckingham Palace!

2. She is a feminist

With only five years Meghan wrote a letter of complaint about a television advertisement to the then First Lady Hillary Clinton. Advertising suggested that women belong in the kitchen and found the kleine Meghan not good. After her complaint, the TV advertising has changed the way and drew a emanzipierteres image of the modern woman. Go Meghan!

3. She is a role model

Her father has Dutch and Irish roots (we envy them these sweet freckles!) And her mother is African American. Meghan is therefore a role model for many young women are mixed ancestry.
"I have learned that it is a wonderful thing to recognize where you are from! I am proud to have so many roots."

4. It is the usual spotlight

she was confronted with the turbulent world on the red carpet at an early age because her father is director and Emmy Award-winner Thomas W. Markle. Since her role as Rachel Zane in the hit show "Suits" it belongs to the A-List Hollywood, public appearances she was so overcome skillfully.

5. She studied politics

Upon completion of the college Meghan studied international relations at Northwestern University and worked among others in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. visit political structure, diplomacy and heads of state? Meghan no problem.

6. It is committed to a good cause

Megan Markle is committed to various charities and is ambassador for the charity World Vision, schools in Rwanda supplied with fresh drinking water. Harry incidentally, is committed to the protection of elephants, because they are his favorite animals. Why Meghan most recently wearing a bracelet with silver elephant ...


Meghan Markle clearly has the stuff to the princess. The only thing is the Queen probably did not like: Meghan was married once before. In 2011 she married Trevor Engelson, the marriage ended in August 2013. But after all, we live in the 21st century with so much princesses potential you have as yet to turn a blind eye, right ?!

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