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Yasmin Sewell's creative consultant, Trendprophetin and a buyer. She spotted brands such as Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab or acne and advised companies such as Mulberry or the British department stores "Browns" and "Liberty", In the pop-up store "British Designers Collective" Bicester Village near London has selected designers and designs with. GLAMOR she revealed who their style icons, which makes a designer particularly in their eyes and why she wants to be 95

Yasmin Sewell

Yasmin Sewell in a dress by Jonathan Saunders
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GLAMOR: You have selected the garments for the pop-up store with. What were the criteria for this?

Yasmin Sewell: First, we have decided for certain designer. We wanted to know any designer represented with a Signature Piece. Jonathan Saunders for example, has a lot of great designs, and we chose the one that best represent him and his uniqueness. So each customer can buy a piece of its unique design.

GLAMOR: What parts of the collection are a must-have?

Yasmin Sewell: Jonathan Saunders has designed many beautiful, timeless clothes. Roksanda Illincic launched for the British Designers Collective six of her clothes again, but in new colors. These are their best sellers, which can be bought anywhere anymore - except now back here with us. Cream pieces are the shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood or jewelry Anina bird, the great Vintage Pieces again hangs up: incredible pieces that you own forever.

GLAMOR: You have discovered many designers and made large. What you said: "This designer is"?

Yasmin Sewell: The most important thing for me is a clear vision of the designer. No matter who it is and what it designs, it must be unique. The wrong way is to simply copy something: "Oh, I do it like Balenciaga or Alexander Wang!" The next generation of leading designers must have a vision like no other before. This is what counts in my eyes.

GLAMOR: That sounds quite difficult ...

Yasmin Sewell: However, they do exist, they are out there! But yes, that's true, it is becoming increasingly difficult.

GLAMOR: What's trendy store for us?

Yasmin Sewell: At the moment we see something that we the "Sports look" call. The will intensify in the coming years. Women of all ages can wear sweatshirts, properly combined with elegant trousers, a beautiful necklace and high heels today. The general trend is: Less "OTT" ("Over The Top", about "too much of the good", N. D. Ed.), More feel good in your own skin.

GLAMOR: The 90s are back straight. How long this phase will last?

Yasmin Sewell: The sweatshirt look is indeed something 90s. However, the pure interpretation of the 90 is more of a momentary phenomenon for the very young people. I do not think it will last longer.

GLAMOR: Who is a fashion icon for you?

Yasmin Sewell: People who feel comfortable in their skin. This goes beyond pure beauty also because of beautiful, thin people, it is easy to dress well. With Meryl Streep you do not think the first for example to fashion. Nevertheless, she has influenced fashion, in Woody Allen movies when she wore a simple white shirt in front of 15, 20 years - this is simply a classic. She does not look like a model, yet it is exceptionally beautiful. Or Diane Keaton: If people know who they are, is the beauty goes beyond clothes. It's not about what they wear, but how you wear it. These women I like.

GLAMOR: How have street styles and blogger influenced the fashion world?

Yasmin Sewell: Much more than I ever believed. There used to look more Japanese who have photographed. Now photograph all street styles and changing frequently. Companies can bloggers wear their parts. A photo on a blog can be incredibly influential, and thus contribute bloggers to sales of a brand.

GLAMOR: How are we going shopping in the future?

Yasmin Sewell: In our day and age you have to make every aspect of its business aware. You can not just open a shop and sell them things that please you, unless you sell something that is totally unique and new. Without an online store, you can no longer exist. But customers need to know you, because otherwise they will not find you. Therefore, you need knowledge of social media. When we advise a company, we look at everything very carefully: the brand mix, the locations, the Vison, marketing, customer service - everything! The wholeness that matters.

GLAMOR: Will fashion outdo in terms of collectibles art sometime?

Yasmin Sewell: Meanwhile, there are an incredible number of products in the world, and so many great designers. This means that we are faced with a product flow. So I think there will be a return. Vintage is huge. Maybe people will say in 20 years: "Alas, in London people have then much worn print, and there were designers like Jonathan Saunders and Peter Pilotto, let's return us!" The idea I find really exciting. I hope I live long enough to mitzubekommen the ... With 95 I will say, "I was going in J.W. Anderson, started as everything!"

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