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Joko Winterscheidt moderated, fighting in "Duel for the world" against fellow Klaas Heufer circulation and has besides still own clothing line. GLAMOR has him on the "Fashion & Music" taken in Metzingen. A conversation about friendship bracelets, sweatshops and Robbie Williams


Joko Winter Scheidt's favorite accessories: watch and Freundschaftsbändchen
Fashion and Music

GLAMOR: Hello Mr. Winter Scheidt, I'm from the GLAMOR ...  

Joko Winterscheidt: Oh, glamor! There are Klaas and I who better chartet of us online always in a battle. He's always mad pissed when he is back!  

GLAMOR: To a battle it's all in "Duel for the world", What is waiting for us in the new episodes from September 2013?

Joko Winterscheidt: Last year, I went through hell and thought it can not be worse. But Klaas and I place this year again to - even so people are not disappointed. The past four weeks have been the worst, hardest weeks of my life, what work your weaker and this "I want to do that"As for attitude, in your body but just do not want to. I am very used to go to the limit - if I did manage it or not, the audience will see.

GLAMOR: What challenges would you refuse?

Joko Winterscheidt: All bystanders would involve, and of course everything relating to mistreatment and right. Things that rejects common sense. Otherwise, everything is okay, which only has an effect on me and not on others.

GLAMOR: Joko and Klaas - who is whose accessory?

Joko Winterscheidt: This question has never been with us. We are friends, no matter what, I would dare to say even now. It is a special form of friendship. We have hardly seen each other the last eight weeks and this morning Klaas has spoken to me on my answering machine: "Mr. Winter Scheidt, I have nothing, but we have so long not spoken, I just wanted to hear your voice, you can call me please call times", In those moments, you realize that there is a chemical must be present, we can not tell us both. It is the healthiest form of love-hate relationship that we both have a lot to thank, and we both know what we have together. At the end of the day no one knows me better than Klaas and I believe him, it's going the same way and that makes it very easy to deal with all this hatred.

GLAMOR: So kind of like in a relationship?

Joko Winterscheidt: It is quite a bit like a relationship. I am for example very reserved, I can very long shut up, but eventually bursts my collar and then all hell breaks loose.

GLAMOR: Klaas makes so now music ...  

Joko Winterscheidt: I am a huge fan of Klaas and his band "Gloria", When the album in the development phase was, I was allowed to listen a few times. I think it's really good! really hats off! I admire Klaas for what he casually yet everything gets on track. I would not even make the way, I know not at what. I'd rather be at home and enjoy my free time. Klaas has 2012 incidentally also shot another movie, "Small town in size"Coming in September in the cinemas. What's he doing in passing, is official. He's just even five years younger, can also drink and drink again the next day, I can not.  

GLAMOR: Is there anything else that you always have - in addition to Klaas?  

Joko Winterscheidt: My watch, which was a gift. Moreover, even if it sounds silly now, I have friendship bracelets of different friends. Because we see so rarely, we bring always mutually something. From this bracelet here (See photo, n. D. Red.) For example, I bought two - the one I'm wearing, the other gets a friend who is now still on vacation.  

GLAMOR: How important is fashion in front of the camera?  

Joko Winterscheidt: Fashion is simply a must. If you would not have to worry about how you look, this is as if you do not have to worry about how you act. On television, but it's exactly that. As for my attitude, I could also moderate in sweatpants, but that might send the wrong signal to the outside. Dud is not everything, but it makes a part of the job from. We also so a few girls who choose our clothes for the show. The do not like it when I say that I prefer occasion my own stuff because they give quite a bit of trouble with it. thank you to the point where Charlotte and Christina. You're so cool.  

GLAMOR: What do you wear in private?  

Joko Winterscheidt: Today I'm wearing a suit pants and a shirt, but could as well put just a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Just as with me with music everything from A to Z here, which is also with fashion. If you're constantly on the road with people who dress smartly, at some point automatically dresses and chic. If you are traveling with many people who dress schlonzig, to dress some point schlonzig. I live in Berlin, but I am quite happy that I was not so rumrenne like all the hip Berlin.  

GLAMOR: You co-founded with German Garment your own label. Why?  

Joko Winterscheidt: On the one hand we want to raise awareness of inhumane working conditions as we find them all over the world. You can let you in Bangladesh T-shirts for 90 cents produce the piece, ready labeled and packaged. We thought that was absurd and were wondering why we can produce as low. In these sweatshops working hours, working conditions and speak against any ethics. Absurd. We do not want. Secondly, we thought: Ed Hardy makes T-shirts with an ugly print, so can we. There must be the possibility to produce in Germany, under conditions that I can with my conscience. We succeeded, German Garment is now four years - I never thought. Meanwhile, the company even carries almost yourself!  

GLAMOR: How did that Robbie Williams wearing the shirts of the brand on his tour?  

Joko Winterscheidt: I have given him a bag of our things when he his label ("Farrell", N. D. Red.) presented in Berlin and said to him: "It's not only you who makes fashion, it's me, too!" His assistant has you later phoned week, saying that Robbie loves the stuff and she would like to wear on his tour, if we were interested in it. I thought the only way "What? !!! Since we trying to cheat a but." But no, he wears it now.  

GLAMOR: And that's the easy way?  

Joko Winterscheidt: Yes, that makes the easy way! Cool, right !?

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