Position with orgasm guarantee

Once one has found a position with orgasm guarantee, so you could actually always have sex with the partner. Because whether classically lying on his back in the missionary position or in summer also like once in the open: you can experiment so anyway. If it then remains in the frame, is our author - and wonders: Why must change positions during sex (some) men constantly?


The quality of sex is not dependent on the number of positions by geturnten.
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It had all started so well. In the missionary position. Even the smooth transition into a kind of rocker (both sit opposite each other, I to him, legs wrapped around him) succeeded. Slowly we rock a us. Mmmhm. Just keep going. But the hare has a different idea, or in the case of the dog. He wants to do it doggy style. Well, since he can touch me with his hand, at least in passing. Not that bad. Do not stop! Neiiiiin. He grabs me by the hips, turns around. He would also like to do it standing up. The degenerates so here literally in sport from. Well, can not hurt. Spar 'I look at tomorrow's belly, legs and bottom course. He really gets going. I slowly too. The emphasis is on slow, because before I can eingrooven me correctly, he wants onto the couch. That's it! Who told the men that they should constantly change the sex position? How should women get there?

For women, a change of position means a Back to Top

The question arises as Marie and posts in an Internet community: "so far I only ever had an orgasm during oral sex. During the actual act I unfortunately never come - cry ... So far, I've always thought it would be me, until I have a friend once pointed out that I probably need just longer to tune myself to a rhythm. Unfortunately, the most important aspect for nearly good sex seems to be for many men the constant change of position ?! I've even noticed how men strutting about women who do not feel like this constant Geturne. Here, the reason is simple: For us women, a change of position means a return to the beginning."

bring power to hurt the leg muscles and the slatted wobbles

And for the men? For one, they probably want to show off their entire repertoire. He has, after all, a reputation to lose and can not imagine that his sexual partner her best friend reported: "Yesterday we had fantastic sex in the missionary position!" No, good in bed for this type of man is to bring power to hurt the leg muscles and the slatted wobble. Especially if he knows the lady is not good. But more than the bed bar he does not get so often to vibrate.

He acts in the belief that to be a great stallion

There are also other reasons for the change of position: This allows men who are prematurely down the stretch, quickly hit a snag and still turn a lap of honor. All for our own good, then. Or they no longer have to hold a certain position force, like a certain "blog Ster" answers Forum on Marie's question: "Perhaps the trench warfare is simply because that man no longer is 16 and for some sports just gets breathlessness stand. In order to play the role of a down is just accomplished. the pulse is made after some time returned to normal state, the whole is switched back to ... well, less stressful? From behind. Because one can not go so fast out of breath. And to all this we are still in the faith to be a great stallion."

Men are lazier in a committed relationship?

When the guys finally understand that just does not make them gifted lovers, but characteristics such as empathy and tenderness? Sometimes the posturing lies down after falling in love and they are lazy. And so we can also reassure Marie, who asks at the end of their contribution: "Is there actually any exceptions? Is there somewhere still men who do not judge the quality of sex on the number of positions?" Yes, there is!

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