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How women can use sperm positive for yourself

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Many women wonder: "Should I swallow his sperm?" Perhaps the answer is now more common "Yes"Because supposedly the male sperm is supposed to good for women's health be ©
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"Drug should not taste it, but act!" This sentence you've probably often heard as a child from her grandmother, if you had to swallow bitter drops. And to soften the taste, we should hold our noses. Fortunately, most drugs are quite enjoyable today and we can choose between flavors like honey, elderberry or raspberry. Unfortunately, these tasty choice is not offered at a natural remedy: sperm.

The male juice should be medicine? "Yes!" say some scientists who conducted studies sperm. What miraculous effect the male ejaculate is alleged to have:

  • Sperm as anti-depressants:

American scientists conducted a study of sexually active female students, and found a correlation between sex without a condom and good humor. The women who slept without a condom with their partner and thus run free let the sperm in her body, suffered much less from depressive moods than the contraceptive women. The male ejaculate contains supposedly the exhilarating hormones prostaglandin and dopamine, which are absorbed through the vagina and thus reach the bloodstream of women.

  • Semen as a remedy for sore throat:

Sperm is to act as an antibiotic. It kills bacteria that settles like a protective cloak over inflamed mucous membranes and thus relieves sore throat. This effect of the male sperm, the Swedish Professor Malte Björnsen should have shown the alleged study results were published by German and international media. But GLAMOR has researched and believes that this is only a scattered men myth to come more often to enjoy oral sex. But, try it out, maybe a blowjob helps yes but against a scratchy throat.

  • Semen as a diabetes medicine:

Stem cell biologists from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. succeeded in isolating sperm cells and to independently produce insulin. This lower blood sugar levels of diabetics. So far, the attempt but was successfully tested only in mice.

  • Sperm for beautiful skin:

Sperm can act not only from within but also from outside. According to the author of the book "The sexual secrets of the White Tigress"Hsi Lai, the male semen is to be a great facial mask. Even during the blowjobs the woman's face would well supplied with blood and the pores opened. So that the skin is optimally prepared for receiving the bubbling out, body temperature seed. The proteins contained therein, vitamins (. For example, Vitamin C and B12) and trace elements such as zinc - the z. B. stabilizes cell membranes - should help to reduce wrinkles.

so do apparently not only her husband, but also themselves if you leave a favor him come in or on your body. Abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes and eating lots of sweet fruits will cause its juice tastes better. That is not enough even for a good taste? hold nose: then still Grandmother's secret true! Or your eyes and - if you opt for the face mask.

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