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Every week, GLAMOR text excerpt from Mia Mings new book "Perfect nights: 100 Tips to bad sex" in front. This time: The allure of sex games - why you should play games in bed sometimes


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The biggest Lethal Seduction is the routine. As can sometimes work wonders a few small games.

Role games are not for everyone. And maybe you kämet you ridiculous in trying, but slipping into the role of naive young schoolgirl, the stern teacher or the dominant Suggar-Daddys. But with imagination and empathy you find something that appeals to you more determined. involve the outside world to start a game and easy to see what happens, is perhaps more your thing, when to face for two costumes at home and embarrassing not be affected to know what to say. That only you two know that you are playing a game that two same conspiratorial, creates a special bond. possibly to impress the others by imaginative ideas and very courageous act and surprise, also is a stimulating challenge.

Successfully date with him, for example, in a hotel bar and acts as if you would not know each other. Beware when you were strangers in your game involving. Unaccompanied men who talk to you at the bar and with whom your friend has verbally compete. Nothing enlivens the relationship more than rivals. But they may not notice anything! Be careful! Because if your ignorant teammates see you giggling together then, they feel cheated that makes not a good impression. And is against the rules!

Draws your game by consistently. Even the bartender may not realize of course that you know each other. Once your friend has conquered you, you go together to the room, because then the game is far from over, yes.

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Perfect nights: 100 Tips to bad sex
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