The perfect woman

Of course, you should not bend to please a man, but yes it does not hurt to know what men like and what not. GLAMOUR.DE and started at the same time a large gender survey and the GQ Gentlemen unpacked: should keep bucket woman's mouth who is really sexy and how often they lie

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Megan Fox embodies the perfect woman? At least for 23 percent of reader
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What men want?

At least they are honest: The men admitted that they the body (24%) and sensuality (19%) of a woman value most. On heads are at least 16 percent. Only 14 percent see the humor of a woman important. Go to laughter the gentlemen he prefers in the Ratskeller: 36 percent said they would like to do more often with their buddies a pub crawl. They also feel (18%) restricted by their partners at risk-taking activities such as driving.

What annoys men to women the most?

Go often times their separate ways! Because in both surveys showed that the common time should be limited to the partners optimally to 40-60 percent. That could be because men need a break from the mood swings of women (44%) and these are annoyed that her friends from every mosquito make a mountain (25%). The prejudice that men would always think with their best pieces, brings 37 percent on the palm. However, only six percent bothered by the accusation that they are unclean. Is there such a grain of truth in it? By the way, the truth it take the men - at least within the relationship - not quite as accurate: 66 percent fib now and then, 18 percent frequently and even four percent very often. So only 18 percent said they would confess to an affair. The rest is silent? Not quite. 32 percent said niiiiiiemals unfaithful. We want to believe it so much.

Who is the perfect woman?

we take care of anyway to potential Fremdgeh-partners: The perfect woman embodies for 23 percent Megan Fox for 18 percent Yvonne Catterfeld - no, was not bribed - and 16 percent flat ones own partner. Nevertheless, the men want to marry: 61 percent believe in a lasting, harmonious coexistence and see in marriage the best loyalty proof (32%) and perfect happiness (27%). At this point we can not beat that as much as 20 per cent say a wedding, only 14 include the Alliance to save taxes and seven percent of the company will be doing a service. Romantic is different.

Career women should be pretty

As much as we would conclude with a happy ending, especially career women must be strong now among you. the pretty exterior: the question of what men in the job estimate their colleagues, the majority answered! At least they are honest.

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