Men with mane

Whether football god, rock star or Latin Lover - long hair is simply not sustainable

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Shake your hair ... not for me! Men with mane are © me suspect
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David Beckham, Jon Bon Jovi, David Garrett, or: the men formerly known as Alice Band, Walle mane and Zopfgummi. Bad! Fortunately, Victoria Beckham ended quickly the phase of the center parting-Bubikopfes who had been submissive combed back with a zigzag tires. Likewise, let Rocker Jon Bon Jovi his mat along with the wild 80s behind. So that they are ahead of David Garrett decisive cut.

What would Carrie Bradshaw say?

Although the German is the coolest violinist in the world, but unfortunately I can not ignore his hair rubber despite gifted Fidel arts and a beautiful face. Even Carrie Bradshaw said in "Sex and the City": "You'll never meet a New Yorker outside her bathroom wearing a Zopfgummi." What would the style icon say only about such an object on a man's head?

His curls reaching to the butt

But even worn open long men hair is a horror. The first disgust experience I had when renovating my apartment, where I helped my neighbor langmähniger. His curls hung to the rear. In seemingly safe distance, he stood on a folding ladder to mount the curtain bar. When I brought him a screw, he leaned very far forward and grazed in this involuntary Rapunzel scene with his hair Krause my upper arm. Brrrrrrr. I get goose bumps today at the thought.

A male mind has to be cut short

Despite these passive, hairy matter, I let myself be carried away four years later to an active hair-act. Gianluca was the typical Latino. Tanned, smirk and shoulder-length dark hair. After a few Cuba Libre I let my hand during a hot kiss slide on the back of his head. And reached into silky smooth ... spaghetti! Brrr. If I want to dig in long hair, I got my own. A male mind has to be cut short! Since rock stars, football gods and Latin Lover are no exception.

What do you think of hair bands and long Men mats?

Or do you know a man with long hair looks better than with short? Send us your opinion about male manes Zopfgummis and Headband.

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