learn to flirt – is that possible?

Where does the fact that we are often so so are we flirting own way? Because even if we seem to be otherwise prepared all life: Even the smallest smile for the nice guy at the table opposite is often the total overload - it might eventually be that he does not smile back. How, it can not be that hard? Our author has tested whether one can really learn successful flirting - in a Flirt seminar. Also: As you increase your confidence, the best flirting tips for women and how to easily attract men

you can learn to flirt

you can learn to flirt ©

"Imagine you were a man. How would you like to be addressed?" challenges me the seminar leader, while I sit in front of a complete stranger who stares at me. I am here to learn to flirt. Around me 14 seminar participants, women and men of all ages who are waiting curious about my reaction. Not so easy to empathize with the opposite sex. Because I fail already at flirting from my own female perspective. An RPG is designed to help:

As we sit on uncomfortable chairs in which I einsinke so deep that me feel like a little child, shall be my "Flirtpartner" and I imagine if we were sitting in a train. I have a ceramic frog with a golden crown on her lap and my seminar partner, at first glance, a likeable man, is to engage me in a flirt. Without addressing me directly, he talks to me: "but they have a pretty frog. Is that a prince?" "I do not know", I say, "I saw him not kissed yet", "Would you care to drink with me a coffee to go?"Asks my opponent. Ouch! Would appeal to me so in real life a stranger on the train, I would have got off at the next stop. So obviously I really do not want to be addressed. But since we are in a Flirt seminar, I give the situation a second chance and listen to me what the consultant says Flirt to our situation, after all, I want to learn something here:

Flirt Lesson 1: Do not fall with the door into the house, if you ask for attention!

You should not let you feel from the first second of your flirting partner that you would like to immediately have a coffee with him or fall around his neck. Walk the talk slowly.

to take it slow, is also the motto of the seminar. At the beginning of each participant defines his personal problems when flirting. The fears of women and men do not differ particularly: fear of embarrassing himself, afraid to choose the wrong words, fear of not having enough to appear confident, afraid to act too chummy, fear of not being able to show clearly enough the other that one is interested in him. And these are just some of the challenges to grapple singles. Only: Particularly the men of the seminar are afraid to pick up a basket at a flirt. Flirting is just not easy.

Flirt Lesson 2: Practice the response and be aware: a flirtation does not have to coincide with the great love and a relationship end!

Talk to the people around you. Whether this is the kind grandma in the tram, is the neighbor next door or one of your colleagues. Small Talk can practice. Then you are prepared when the or is the right one and before you can get started with the flirting!

"What sets you can entice men from the reserve? ". I hope to have a strategy that can handle any situation, but I am disappointed: "all depends on the person himself. A recipe for a successful flirting does not exist"The seminar leader replies. That's true, I realize in the course of the seminar. The questions of the participants and the approaches are completely different. It's like in real life, the one afraid to take the first step, the other is to research and acts so aufdringlich.Mir becomes clear in the course of the seminar: neither to go to the other extreme to one's good. Nevertheless, one should dare to flirt, when the opportunity arises. Because rather try than to get angry after a missed opportunity.

Flirt Lesson 3: Rely flirting not panaceas!

Every person has different needs. But the more you practice, to talk with people, the easier it will fall from time to time. be able to communicate properly and to master small talk, the way, is not only not just for flirting good, but also good for everyday life and professional life.

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