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Partnership Advisor Professor Manfred Hassebrauck writes in his book "The little love Consultants" about love, relationships and about finding the right partner. Power to let it wriggle sense a new acquaintance first? Find out here

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What determines actually, when and to whom we fall in love? ©

Is it good to be floundering a new type only once, so I really know how seriously he means it?

The desire to examine the sincerity of intentions is quite understandable, and as the elusive fruits known taste best, which seems "Let fidget" At first glance, quite reasonable. Who makes it so moving in good company. As Socrates advised his student Theodata her to hold back possible. "You will love your benefits the most, if you wait until they ask for it ... The hungry taste even bad meals" 

From a scientific perspective, however, I must say, "Let zap" does not have the desired effect - on the contrary. In a study by Elaine Hatfield, the great lady of the relationship and attractiveness research, men had the opportunity to participate in a dating service and get information about women who had allegedly identified as suitable for them the computer. One of the women appeared to get easy. She had expressed they wanted to meet with all her previously featured men. However, another appeared difficult to reach everyone, and a third was finally in principle even picky and did not find her so far featured men particularly attractive - with one exception: The respective male test participants had to assume that he was the chosen one.

The results speak for themselves. It's no use, easy to pose as difficult to reach and to leave the others squirm. but it also does not help to portray itself as generally easy to have. What works ultimately, is the combination of both, that is to be selective difficulties accessing. It is precisely the women most attractive and sought after, which are reputed to be hard to get where you are but even come quickly into play.

In the next episode at GLAMOR Manfred Hassebrauck reveals what it could be that nobody is interested in one.

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