Only love does not count

2, 18, 95? No matter how many Lover you had, you just move any numbers out! GLAMOR-author Paula Lambert knows why

tattoo only the love does not count

No matter how many Lover you had, you just move any numbers out! ©
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Average sleeping the German woman during her lifetime with 6.3 men. I embarrassed me a bit as I write this, because I have to think of the face that made my brother when he asked me a few years ago, how many sexual partners have I already had. At that time I made a big mistake: I answered honestly.

If, like me einsteigt with 15 and lands not equal in a committed relationship, you can look back 20 years later to a sum which I find quite reasonable. I do not run sex as a sport, but gain experience does make sense. But talk about a limited extent. Because, unfortunately, the image of the whore and the librarian still haunts many minds: Men want a woman who draufhat everything in bed, to the outside but radiates civilized decency. What is new is that women are not much better. You do not want a man who shows off his virility and unrestrained signaled: "In this district I am the stallion." But a reliable, reflected guy who has no problem to push later the baby carriage through the streets - without that constantly bring women slaps because he has then crumbled to the hot number. The perfidious irony of it is: Sexual experience is caused by excess. And because you have no idea at a young age, you have to get started and try.

As enlightened as we do, we are not usually. I do not know any woman who would not lie on demand. Even those who have slept with very few men who cheat. My school friend Christiane for example. She says: "I can my men still count on both hands." In fact, there were two. What is not so bad. Two fabulous lovers can continue to bring in terms of a sexual optimization than 36 guys who confuse the clitoris with a joystick. After all, the experience goes with them for anecdotes and interesting topics in the evenings with friends: "Do you know that? If he poking his finger in me, I will not come, but start to laugh." Or: "If the man so bend me on, I no longer need to yoga."

What I'm worth it, and what I treat myself? A woman who knows what is possible in bed, no longer content with mediocre Quark. She is an artist. A bit like Michelangelo. Who could look at a rock and think "This is even the Pietà"While all others saw only a boorish stone.

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