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Do you know the names of sexual positions in other languages? Looking for adequate translations our love columnist Vanessa Schwake has involuntarily made a trip to the zoology and found out why a woman should be especially pleased when her Italian lover offers to do the washing ...

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Talk Sex? We reveal how called sexual positions in other countries ©
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The other day I was sitting with Italian friends in Florence at the dinner on the Piazza della Signoria. Suddenly a sparrow joined us to steal the bread. While my companion found it sweet, I jumped, startled and cried "I find birds terrible!" Peals of laughter broke out not only in our, but also at the next table, who was occupied with some guys. Why? The Florentines use the word bird ("uccello") As a synonym for penis.

To distract from my faux pas, I now cleared up half the restaurant, which was listening now, about what we Germans the term "fuck" use. So educating hour at which it turned out, for example, that the Italians likewise great was fun "Doggy style" have, but that they do not like dogs, but as sheep in the "posizione della pecorina" do. I also learned why a woman should be especially pleased if an Italian wants to do the washing. The verb "rigovernare" Namely, used colloquially for cunnilingus. Says the Latin Lover "Te la rigoverno"You should not push the dish-washing gloves in hand, but are allowed to relish rid of your pants him so. In return, you can then him "pompino" offer (blowjob), but please actually inflate without him.

This amusing translations made me curious and I researched further into other languages. The result was the following "Sexikon" with international terms of sexual positions and practices:

The translation of oral sex:

PortugueseIn Brazil, the woman not only makes the man crazy when they orally spoiled him, but literally a cat. With the phrase "pagar to bola gato" is expressed that a cat Ball.

French: The French also bring a "pussycat" into play when they have oral sex and call it "fair minette",

English: When an English lord "lobster" would like to have, he does not want the restaurant and "Lobster" eat, but to make his companion for foodie: If a woman during Blowjob hums gently vibrates the lips, is the thing "lobster",

Polish: Said one poles "Zrób mi loda!" ("Make me an ice cream") He wants a hot blowjob and no cold enjoyment.

Japanese: In Japan you have Bill Clinton's amusement with Monica Lewinsky in "Oral Office" apparently not forgotten and called the Blowjob wink "Kurinton where suru" ("make Clinton").

The translation of doggy:

Slovenian: The "a tergo"Position calls from Slovenia "RAKOM"Which means crab.

Italian: Southerners love each other from behind like sheep "alla pecorina",

Albanian: Here, you do it taken literally like a cow ("lopthi").

The translation of cowgirl position:

English: Sits the woman on the man, she is in America "cowgirl",

French: The French call the lady in this dominant, confident position "Amazon",

Italian: in Italy the fun, in which the woman holds the reins in hand, states: "spegnicandela" ("make the candle"). You can feel safe to think that male body part is the candle and thus it is extinguished after the flare-up.

The translation of other types of sex:

Italian: To paraphrase anal intercourse, says the Italians "aprire il bocciolo", in other words "open the bud of a flower",

English: If the Americans "Pearl Necklace" (A pearl necklace) away, this need not always be jewelry, but can act to be targeted between the neck and clavicles placed cum also.

English: At the "shrimping" licks and sucks you on the toes of the partner and not to shellfish.

Japanese: When a Japanese woman "coming"She calls "iku"Which translates: "I go" called.

Italian: If a Napoletan a woman's hand and draws a circle with his finger in the inner surface, then these are not as tender pats, but a sign that he now would like to have sex.

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