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Spice up your love life with the following aphrodisiacs of the Spice Kitchen. Dosed correctly, are the dishes you conjure up the stove, so not only very tasty but also make them feel like a dessert with a difference


Warning: Men are sensitive and delicate, whereas women wild with the enjoyment of ginger
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The tuberous root supports in India the nickname "divine fire" and is known for its pleasant stimulative effect, because ginger heats the body a neat. This fire unfolds especially if ginger is fresh. Essential oils, neutral resin and gingerol get the circulation up to speed, and promote blood circulation (including those of the reproductive system) - and this stimulates sexual pleasure enormously.

Tip: Allegedly ginger to act differently to men and women: men are sensitive and delicate, whereas women wild.


Red, small, sneaky: If you like the taste of chili, it may like spicy. Through the gentle pain, the happiness hormone endorphin is secreted and the effect of capsaicin increases the pleasure and physical well-being.

Tip: If you have caught a little too much chili, only the consumption of milk or cheese help (fat dissolves the Capsaicin).


The tuber would you not expect guarantees on the list with pleasure-enhancing foods, right? If you eat garlic together with your partner, but there should be no rapprochement trouble because cleans the white root vegetables and expands the veins and thus improves circulation. This also benefits the male and female sexual organs.


"Treasure of the Tropics" is vanilla, often called the most coveted spice in the world. With her seductive sweetness she calls the body produces unexpected happiness, and forget the stress and anxiety. Detached from heavy thoughts is a sensual seduction nothing in the way.

Tip: Vanilla flavored besides cocoa and coffee also fish - shellfish and white meat dishes.


The cinnamon is not without reason throughout the Orient as the "Love spice par excellence" seen. The love-promoting herb contains essential oils that will work very stimulating. In addition, the active ingredients cinnamaldehyde and eugenol stimulate our entire circuit.

Oyster - aphrodisiac haute cuisine

Protein, zinc, a sea breeze, the seductive salty taste and sensual thoughts related set the sea creatures to the top of aphrodisiacs. They are just not meant to be only a prelude. Oysters, scallops and fine Beluga caviar are the marine fresh classics that beguile our senses. Even Casanova claimed that a man must sipping good 50 oysters in their own juice, to strengthen his virility.

Tip: Zinc increases the production of the sex hormone testosterone and helps to speed up the flow of messages between the erotic centers of the brain.


Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the health of the cardiovascular system and especially in fish such as salmon contain. They favor the sperm production of the male and the release of dopamine and norepinephrine - which are stimulating for both parties involved.


Serve a man a juicy steak and you will conquer his heart by storm. But for the libido of the flesh are the ingredients well; after the consumption u. a. released the hormone norepinephrine, which increases blood pressure and heart rate - say, palpitations is pre-programmed before.


The red pomegranate is the symbol of love goddess Aphrodite. Finally, the aphrodisiacs have been named after the goddess of love. In ancient Greece, the pomegranate, which is filled to the brim with fruity cores was as fertility and love symbol. Greek couples are thrown after the wedding with dried pomegranate seeds - the promise of rich kids blessing! American studies have shown that the juice of the pomegranate for mild sexual potency helps because it contains the substance piperidine, which is responsible for a stimulating effect.


The fruit is a known aphrodisiac from the Far East. But the appearance of this beautiful fruit awakens the appetite and stimulates the sexual fantasy. The high content of sugar, iron and calcium makes it an ideal source of energy. In addition, the phosphorus-containing regarded as lust charm.

Tip: Figs are a good source of potassium and contain pectin, which supports the breakdown of cholesterol.


Even Julia Roberts it made us in "Pretty Woman" : If a beautiful woman bites off of a ripe strawberry, even dream men like Richard Gere can not resist. The red fruit enchanted not only visually, but also acts as a pleasure-enhancing vitamin dispenser - the vitamin C affects the control of sex hormones and strengthens the immune system.


Artichokes are among the most sensual vegetables. Freshly prepared, they offer an erotic pleasure in a class of one sheet will be presented to the working heart.

Tip: enter the heart with fresh lemon slices in a pot of boiling water, cover with a kitchen towel and leave for 25 minutes.


Even in ancient times the rods was said to have a pleasure-enhancing effect. Not entirely surprising, since the form has an unmistakable phallic appearance. Whether white or green: Asparagus brings the water balance of the body going. In Ayurvedic medicine, the asparagus is already long been used to treat potency and desire disorders.


The celery is a real potency tuber. Besides a high vitamin content and minerals it contains the substance Androstenol, which is a component of sweat. Women in particular should find this attractant extremely pleasant.


The leafy vegetables contain not only healthy iron, but also a lot of magnesium, which protects against constricted blood vessels. And this is important for the stamina of men. In addition, spinach improves the testosterone-estrogen balance in the body, so the desire is favored for sex.

Have you got the desire to seduce your partner with an erotic dinner? On the next page we have collected some reading tips for you.

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