Every holiday needs a Flirt

When does flirting lighter than on vacation, if you let in a nice place everyday life far behind? Just! For those who tutoring in training their muscle Flirt need: In our big flirt ABC we have gathered 26 tips for your perfect holiday romance. Also: Which bikini attracts what flirting and how to get rid of your holiday love again. However, only once GLAMOR-author Johanna Merhof told at the beginning of the story of their holiday flirt


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My friend N. always says: "Every holiday needs three things: sun, second, third, freedom and a crisp Flirt. Who is not married, is engaged or in league, point three done necessarily with one or a stranger. Just Fun and no obligation. That's how it looks. The rest is only succinctly holidays. Never forget: The Flirt is the cream topping every holiday." N. is an experienced traveler. And a few weeks ago I was an obedient friend. With the points one and two, I had no trouble. With three helped me A.

I was traveling with my father and my sister, delayed family vacation for children of divorce. We drove into a system which decreases one's thinking and one turned into gin and tonic drinkers ratzfatz before noon. Always Rich slackers in paradise, Paradise Found! On the plane sighed our father: "The main thing is, not many Russians there." My sister choked on her tomato juice, I said: "Dad, there are of course great Russians." My father shook his head firmly. They would steal from him and wegfuttern the cake at the buffet. "Tolstoy!"Exclaimed my sister, "Dostoevsky!"I. "Raskolnikov!"Piped my sister, "Anna Karenina!"I chirped. "Flap girls"Said my father. My father had finished with the Russians.

The world held briefly: finally a man!

My family loves crisp dispute, and only we did not fight us because we all wanted to leave. We had to make up something. We basked ourselves on the beach, ate too much kofte, jumped into the sea and only had Light in the head. Until I saw him. He was brighter. He was at the jetty. But not just anywhere, but where all purely jumped. He was there when he trusted in the world, lying face down and with closed eyes. His spine was like an angel wing. I admit I was a little blinded. The world held briefly: finally a man! He opened his eyes: sea blue. Ah! It was clear that the I had to have. I moved quickly to the sunglasses, put the iPod louder, he grinned. I smiled as Hummels, who has scored just one goal from far behind: with bedroom eyes and hit style. But who was bitteschön already Hummels? In any case, was not here. But he, apparently alone, jumped into the water, the blond hair is rubbed dry and had - I do not know if I mentioned it - the sea bluest eyes since the genesis of the sea.

Understanding with little brains, instead, with hands and feet

On cue the sky blew support. It was blowing wildly, and my umbrella crashed together. Two heartbeats later, he was standing beside me. He straightened my umbrella, then he pointed to himself. He was A. Aha! Unfortunately I was not Eva. He seemed not to bother. He winked at me and ... went. His orange ribbon all-inclusive arm calmed down. A. I thought, Ah Ah Ah, damn it! Granted I thought that the next three days. He was the summer hit in my head. A. all the way. Only him I did not see. Until the night two days before our departure. A. for me was now a yearning ballad of missed kisses and blue facts. Significantly, I met him at the bar again. I gave my sister the white wine, the animators tried at a Michael Jackson tribute, it ran "Beat It"My sister took a step to the right, and there he stood. Toasted me. Laughed. My father escaped, my sister also. I quickly found out that A. was Russian, spoke no English, I speak Russian and he was not a German. Results! This was followed by what so only makes the holiday enjoyment: understanding with little brains, instead, with hands and feet. I asked the bartenders (at all the real rock stars, not just on vacation) to a piece of paper. They threw me a huge napkin and a pen on the counter, giggling: "Have fun, Lady" and whip on regardless. Bartenders have seen it all.

The memories of that night same Kinderkritzeleien. Proportional to Raki grew my knowledge: Everything easy on the only almost picturesque language barrier. Meanwhile, I spoke English, he Russian, and we recorded as if it came out of. He was a policeman, not at a desk, but tangled According doodles constantly manhunt. I swear that only the holiday and a little bit the Raki overdose were fault that I asked a little too impressed, that is recorded: Have you ever seen a folded? I detested the weapons and brainless Geballere even more so. Head shaking his hand. The waiter rolled their eyes. He quickly drew a heart broken. It broke a Veruschka, who else? Suddenly he pointed at me, the ruined heart and back to me. I smirked, the bartender shook his head ungallant, and then kissed A. me. The Russian policeman knew what he was doing. "come over"He waved, and we cuddled us to his room. Early in the morning I staggered to my bungalow. Whether it was on Raki or the Russian noise, did not matter now. A. That I thought was a secretary because the author can not be so simply draw was as damn me. I had no idea so that I would not see him again and my father, my sister and I would still zoffen us the rest of the holiday over the Russians. A. was my escapism, something that does not fit into my life and surprisingly in some things just yet.

I myself am to touchy-feely for crisp holiday Flirts

The truth is, of course, I am even too touchy-feely for crisp holiday flirts. At home I searched namely the Russian Facebook, but this was for me only from hieroglyphics. One thing is certain only: Somewhere a Russian dancer named Veruschka and a few Russian gangsters have quite a pig. Clear are the three things that did not betray me N.: A holiday romance lasts three days (which can easily outweigh other 30). On departure I was crying exactly three tears. I thought about three seconds if I should learn Russian, this madness sighed after three seconds away and cursed N. just a bit longer. Some things you can find out best alone.

Compared to my father and my sister I mentioned A. not a word. "Every holiday needs a secret"Said N., my unerring Holiday oracle when I had ground under his feet again. Adam was mine.

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