Man, you’re funny!

Men with sense of humor are pretty hard to find

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Man, you're funny! The humorless lords of creation come for GLAMOR columnist Vanessa Schwake out of the question as a partner. For you about? ©

It's like this: When Dating everyone has a pattern. A must-have, which must present the man to make a relationship at all, only possible with him. For me it is the humor. Seriously, if a guy hinbekommt that I get stomach ache with laughter and the limo is running out of my nose, I can hinwegsehen- about a lot of things assuming he wants me at all still see each other again after this unsavory number. The type is, for example, only 1.68 m? No problem, with each joke he grows in my view by one centimeter. He has no house, no car and no horse? Makes me nothing, so long as he keeps me on the subway ride to my house with funny anecdotes happy. Sure, a clone of Mr. Bean and I would not necessarily data and of course everyone has their own kind of humor. A man who does not even coaxed me a smile, may bring another woman to scream. You just have to be on the same wavelength - and this can not be forced and set as a radio station, unfortunately.

It is so unsexy when a man does not understand a joke or "too common" finds

Sarcastic, with a large shovel irony - that would be my personal favorite when it comes to humor. But you will find times someone who is funny that way. Because to understand irony and sarcasm (let alone make jokes in such a way), you have to be intelligent (s) to think outside the box and place punch lines targeted. In addition, failure sensitive soul of black humor. Bad! It is so unsexy if you unterbreitest a man a joke, and already with a mischievous grin on his reaction at the climax of the story looking forward and the guy the whole story is not buckled up, either with or "But now you are quite common" commented. Since stuck me not only the laughter in the throat, it will go well so all kinds of attractive advantages that the man was able to collect previously lost.

are just not comedians, the pun for the best

That you do not get me wrong: I am not looking for comedians, the puns are the best. And no Veteran who throws savings jokes around. And I do realize that there are also situations where fun is out of place and not everyone shares my sense of humor. I only want to talk with a man who does not try to be funny hook or by crook, but it's easy. Subtly. One who has mastered the art of slapstick and along the way even conjures me the simplest Smalltalk a grin on his face. Tasting anyone? "I am a journalist from Germany. And what do you do for a living?" I asked the Italian friend of Giovanni, a guy I had five minutes earlier met. "I am a dentist and always wanted to to Germany. I've heard that you Germans is in terms of dentistry far ahead ..." Giovanni interrupted him: "Yes that's true! The Germans are way ahead of us Italians: they have an average of four teeth left in his mouth than we do!" In combination with the large, bestowing his belief eyes of his buddies, I lay on the floor laughing and was immediately convinced that I want to see this man.

A funny man by my side replaces any intoxicant

And I was not disappointed: The following dinner, he started with the sentence "We start with a bottle of wine ... for everyone?" Thus the ice was broken and already half conquered my heart. Quite it belonged to him as he brushed some dates later on my back and groped a small, round cut on my dress, his hand stuck into it and this grinning with the words "Finally I found an access to you" commented. Of course, we did not drink two bottles of wine, because: A funny man on the side replace any intoxicants (and is even healthier). In addition, red wine still aimed at a much larger mess than lemonade.

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