Tips and tricks for perfect hair drying

So far, blow dryers were known mainly for immense destructive forces in our hair. The new generation of hair is different: It dries our hair gently and carefully. As you blow right, tell you our tips and tricks. Since nothing can go wrong

blow dry properly

Properly blow: We reveal how the pros do it ©
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Each has a bathroom shelf in some use it almost every day - but he did not get a lot of attention so far: the hair dryer. No wonder, as a hair dryer of the old guard can usually only one thing: generating hot air. The new devices, however, have evolved from simple hair dryers to irreplaceable styling tool. Maintain ion cartridges, aerodynamic curls essay or a drug cocktail at your fingertips and style her gently and carefully. But that does not mean a long time that our hair while blow-drying is immune automatically from heat damage. How to blow right is still extremely important.

Tips and Tricks

The problem: Just wet hair is extremely sensitive. Therefore, not only rabid brush and vigorous rubbing with a towel after shampooing is taboo. Too hot blow-drying is for the mane of the absolute worst-case scenario. The water in the hair evaporated and the resultant pressure breaks so the softened surface. Already 100 degrees are almost fatal to wet hair - dry, however, can withstand 175 degrees good. but who respected the right technique can blow-dry his hair easily every day without damaging it at that.

We'll tell you tips and tricks on the subject "blow dry properly" and introduce the latest products.

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