Shades of Brown

Blondes have more fun? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! But the wide range of shades of brown makes a good mood. We reveal what nuances guarantees you put a smile on the lips - from light brown to Espresso


A bright shade of brown looks for both tanned and rosy complexion for good. Particularly elegant light brown with cool hues. 

medium brown 

Those who are a slightly darker shade wishes selects a hazelnut or chestnut color - also in combination. 


A slight gold shimmer conjures an instant summer feeling in the hair and ensures greater dimension.

chocolate brown

Chocolate Chic! Chocolate brown is an intense brown color with a slightly reddish tinge - not only for Schocoholics a timeless trend! 

Mocca Brown

Coffee, please! A rich dark brown is also called mocha brown. So that the hair does not affect blunt, a lot of moisturizer is needed. 

espresso Brown 

A deep Black Brown looks elegant with tanned skin, mysterious with fair skin and sexy. Important: The approach should never (really never!) Lighter than the remaining hair. That's why regular re-dyeing is a must!

You are looking for the right care for your hair blonde? With our tips, it is not only brilliant, but also healthy and cared for. Interested?
It's this way!

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