tackled at its root

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. For the perfect base's are now new specialists - and clever tips for dandruff, itching, irritation

root cause analysis

The scalp is one of the sensitive areas of the body and reacts immediately to care errors, poor diet or hormonal changes. In its deeper layers, new cells are formed continuously, the dead repelled at the surface. If this balance is disturbed, there is irritation and flaking, which also affect the appearance of the hair. Dry scales z arise. For example, when heating air, too much sun or hot blow-drying the skin remove moisture. With a greasy dandruff are often associated with a yeast that naturally occurs on the head, feeding on the fat of the sebaceous glands. Revise this reinforced the fungus spreads above average violently, here comes the stressed skin cells then multiplied from. 


In dry conditions only mild shampoos should be used. In addition, for help. B. moisturizing oils that are massaged directly into the skin. For greasy dandruff special shampoos that usually regulate the function of the sebaceous glands with zinc help. They are used as a treatment about six to eight weeks or alternating with a type-specific product (shows no improvement, preferring the skin, consult a doctor). Also tinctures as Nettle Hair Tonic reduce the sebum and bring skin and hair into balance. Fluid with antibacterial and soothing agents (eg. As lemon grass) can prevent re-scaling.

preventive measure

Regularly applied tonics, such as vitamin E or mint can improve blood circulation (also help in the short term for itching). Likewise, zinc-containing foods strengthen (whole grains, nuts, organic meat, hard cheese) scalp while supporting hair growth. And who very frequently prone to irritation, holding up better away from colorations. 

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