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Florian David Fitz is the heartthrob par excellence. His role as Dr. Marc Meier in "Doctor's Diary" alongside Diana Amft made him famous, now he is devoted to major film projects, like together with Matthias Schweighöfer. What Florian David Fitz thinks about Twitter and Facebook, pending what movies soon and why he did not even want spielem

Florian David Fitz

GLAMOR has Florian David Fitz © met for the interview

Quiet as a mouse it when Florian David Fitz runs over the dark green thick carpet. He has taken off his sneakers, bobbing his bare feet as he slumps into the chair. The jeans sit on the hips, tanning can radiate his white shirt. So he looks at the time, the man to beat for the German women's hearts. Fitz pushes his phone on the table to the side and pulling the cup with green tea towards him. We are talking about "As yet it works", His new feature film. And - despite flat sheet - not your typical comedy. It's about family - to parents and children. A big issue for him. At 19 he had moved out, he says, to go to Boston for school. Homesick? No, although he and his parents had actually expected fixed it. Because he was actually a family man. "That does not mean yes, I'm sleeping in the bed crack"The actor grins.

"My life is moving!" 

In winter 2011 we met Florian David Fitz the last time and talked to him about the hearts of men, women and Facebook. Questions that now bore the actors obvious. No wonder: It hails orders, he is making a film after another and has answered more than a hundred questions with certainty alone today. he is actually straight in the rat race? No, it's much at once, but it all moves on, he says after a short pause. "Time voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily"He adds, plucking away at his goatee.

Do you have a Plan B? 

His name is on everyone's lips, fashion labels, film distributors and magazines knocking persistently at him. And he? "I'm incredibly good. If you expect from me that I make films that look at the millions of people, then I feel I have to fulfill that. On the other hand I want to do things that are unpredictable and do not insult the intelligence. This is difficult to reconcile." Florian David Fitz playing with his little finger, leaning forward in his chair and studied eye contact: "But: Hey, what should happen? The worst would be that no one wants to make a film with me more. And that would be the absolute disaster? Life goes on. On my deathbed would certainly not interest me." Does he have a plan B? "No. That would mean I would have to think about it now. I do not do that." Sit back.

Tweet with friends  

About the digital world - it has not changed in recent months - he can still get excited. To Twitter in any case he has an ambivalent relationship: "That certainly very great sites. But in a small group of friends in exchanging things and keeps in touch." In his life, he says he is fighting distraction. He wants to focus rather stay with one thing. Ever have one nowadays too often too much choice. "I have to decide constantly. And I hate it when I can not decide. That has to be better."

"I do not want to play yourself"

Running for now, at this moment, everything perfect for him? "Recent years have been a challenge because everything was new. But I get even." Desires, dreams, a role offer that suits him perfectly? "No, that would be boring. I will not play themselves, but put in other situations. A film about me would not be a more exciting movie. Believe me," he says and grabs - unbelievably good - immediately to his shoes, as appears to him that the interview is over. see the impish grin just us. 


 GLAMOR thanks for the interview

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