The most logical error of the cult series

It's been less than 13 years since the last episode "Friends" was broadcast. Nevertheless, fans still watch the cult series in a loop - and since one or the other logic error falls flat on. We will show the eight largest "plot holes" US sitcom

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1. The age of the "Friends"  

At the beginning of the series are Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler all in their twenties. But how old they are, exactly? Ross, for example, in the third, fourth, fifth season AND 29 - although in the meantime more Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations take place, suggesting that more than one year has passed. Also funny: In the seventh season, Rachel is the last person who will celebrate her 30th birthday. This would therefore imply that it is the youngest in the group. In the first season but Joey was the chick.  

2. When did Rachel's birthday?  

Not only the age of the "Friends" is unclear throughout the series, and their birthdays are constantly changing. In Season 4, for example, tells
Rachel Gunther that she has in May birthday. In Season 7, however, she says she is Aquarius. Thus, they must have been born in January or February.  

3. Chandler can not cry - or does it?  

In Season 6's done in sequence "Real men do not cry" therefore, that Chandler can not cry. No matter how sad a film or even a real situation: He just can not cry. But actually that is not true: In an earlier episode that is told Phoebe as it has made him cry. In addition, Chandler also cries during his marriage proposal in the last episode of the sixth season.  

By the way:
This way to our picture with the "Friends"Hitmakers then and now

4. Ross does not like ice  

In Season 7 Ross claims he may no ice because it "too cold" be. However, we see him in previous seasons often eat ice cream, for example, with his monkey Marcel or his girlfriend Elizabeth. But who knows, maybe his taste has even changed.

5. Phoebe speaks French  

Joey has to learn for a role in French Season 10 and asks Phoebe for help because she speaks the language fluently. In Season 8 she does not even know what the French term "sous chef" means.  

6. Ross' first time  

In the first season Ross Joey and Chandler said that he had slept in his life with a woman. And with his ex-wife Carol, who leaves him at the beginning of the series for another woman. In Season 7, but it turns out that Ross in college with the cleaning lady had sex there.  

7. The first "I love you"  

"The collective secret", The 14th episode of the fifth season, is one of the most important for Chandler and Monica's relationship. Not only of all "Friends" (Up to Ross) found that the two are a pair, but Chandler says for the first time "I love you", But actually this is not true, because Chandler had the three magic words go beyond the lips already in a row. 8  

8. Rachel and Chandler do not know each 

When Rachel in the first episode of the US series in wedding dress the Central Perk enters, she knows just Monica and Ross - Joey, Phoebe and Chandler have to imagine. Here, viewers know thanks to flashbacks shown repeatedly throughout the series that Rachel and Chandler know since high school and college times and have even kissed once. Strange that neither of them a few years later can not remember.

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