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At the Oscars 2017 blue bow was clearly the most prominent accessory on the red carpet. The loop, however, is not a fashion but a political statement. What it means and what stars they wore at the Oscars 2017

The blue ribbon has dropped us at the Oscars in 2017 immediately apparent. Ruth Negga ("Hidden Figures"), It has striking red on her
Dress by Valentino stapled, and Karlie Kloss wears on the hip of her white evening dress from Stella McCartney. But the blue ribbon is not a fashion but a political statement.

Blue bow Oscars 2017: Meaning

Even before the American Civil Liberties Union American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced that the blue ribbon would be seen on the red carpet. Basically is the blue ribbon for freedom of expression and to control and censor the Internet. Together with the ACLU should thus be demonstrated against Donald Trump's travel ban and its restrictions on press freedom.

Casey Affleck ("Manchester by the Sea") Wore the blue ribbon already in the film Independent Spirit Awards. He expressed his already critically Trump in his acceptance speech.

Casey Affleck's speech at the Independent Spirit Awards in the video:

The clothes of the Oscars

Oscar 2017 Jessica Biel

Oscar 2017 Chrissy Teigen

Oscars 2017 Michelle Williams

Oscars 2017 Brianna Perez

Oscars 2017 Brianna Perez

Oscar 2017 Nicole Kidman

Oscars Dresses 2017 Brie Larson

Oscars 2017 Charlize Theron

Oscars 2017 Dakota Johnson

Oscars 2017 Alicia Vikander

Oscars 2017 Darby Stanchfield

Oscars 2017 Emma Roberts

Oscar 2017 Felicity Jones

Oscar 2017: Hailee Steinfeld

Oscar 2017 Karlie Kloss

Oscar 2017 Kirsten Dunst

Oscar 2017 Naomie Harris

Oscar 2017 Olivia Culpo

Oscar 2017 Priyanka Chopra

Oscar 2017 Blanca Blanco

Oscar 2017 Ruth Negga

Oscar 2017 Salma Hayek

Sofia Boutella Oscar 2017

Sofia Carson Oscar 2017

Teresa Palmer Oscar 2017

Oscar 2017 Halle Berry

Oscar 2017 Janelle Monae

Oscar 2017 Scarlett Johanson

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