Barbara Meier separated

Normally one speaks of the seven-year itch, Barbara Meier and Oliver Berben filed for seven months: The film producer and supermodel Heidi Klum's go separate ways

Barbara Meier, Oliver Berben

Barbara Meier is single again ©
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When Oliver Berben arrived on the red carpet at the "New Faces Award" and the "German Film Prize" alone has been rumored, now it's official: The film producer and top model Barbara Meier have separated. At the Oktoberfest 2009 had sparked the "Beetle" tent, go only seven months later, both separate ways. Bad blood but does not prevail between the two, even if the son of Iris Berben at the weekend was hands holding spotted with "Police" star Stefanie Stappenbeck.

Not notice - at any cost

But the only plays in the new film by the producers "No man is an island," further speculation on a possible relationship deny both. Even Barbara Meier carries it on the chin: "It has finally simply not fit us," she told "Bild".

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