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22 women compete for a man. For eight weeks. remains until only one remains. RTL sends Oliver Sanne, the "Bachelor 2015", Into the race. Our author Felix Reek goes as viewers in the fight and tells you immediately every week his view of things: "The Bachelor" Men from view


"Olli has actually managed to apply these hardened Assembly anonymous Extension Addict closed against him."

"Visually, you're exactly what I imagine"Says Olli. It is the fourth episode of "Bachelors" and of course he means
, Playmate and platinum blonde bombshell. The two are in the desert on a blanket. Although not cuddled, but they provide a variety of classical Greco-Roman wrestler positions after. This has much beauty. The two are not far from Las Vegas, Olli has invited because "suits Sarah as chalk and cheese." Which is flattered. Who would not after all? Las Vegas, the city of gambling, the Mafia, the strippers and prostitutes.

The two go back into the Infight. Olli haut back out any of these questions, which can slide down the Schlüpper in the popliteal every woman. Ready? "And what are you looking for?" Phew, that Sarah must have bag for now. This slippery thing between their ears, that some "brain" call, apparently overwhelmed. The obvious answers do not fall her a: a place in the "Celebrity dinner", A record deal. A very wealthy television producer to his health, it is not as well ordered and in which each built close to the hydrogen woman could be the last. Instead, it says something like: "I'm so alone, I search for the man for life ..." Whew, I almost fell asleep shortly. 



He looks at her like an empty pizza box 

But at least this first solo date in a row four finally delivers the answer to a question I ask myself for ages: Who is on earth in 2015, still to this type of woman? With hair as blond as a slice of Emmental, which has been lying in the sun two weeks? And breasts that protrude in any position towards the sky? At least that is finally answered: Lucas Cordalis, Tommy Lee and Olli.

Maybe that explains why he the group Date
so interested roughly looks like an empty pizza box. Or any newly woman whose hair and breasts can not sift the right Ballermann at the other end with the naked eye. The first Rose gets Anica anyway. The Olli must indeed at least make it appear as if he were not such a superficial type. 

When the boys were not looking, he would not have done it 

Long he can not maintain the camouflage foolishly. The next two elect the double date are again: pretty blond.
. But who wants to hang out with the Olli must suffer for now. So Sam gets into a chair between two roofs and screams and yells and screams. Caro refuses. Obviously, the better decision, because Olli sends Heulboje Sam home. The one with the chair he found that is also stupid. Trusting he reveals: "Had I not known that my boys all look, I would not have done it."

Since images are pushing for me, I'd rather be going very quickly. The guys from Olli, four to five well-parted males to the navel cut Muscle shirts, oiling up watching television each other's muscles and doing pushups. And every time the Olli laying your one his boys carve a notch in the bedpost of his water bed. So right now. Even though the Olli and Caro have barely exchanged a word, they spend the night together in a hotel suite. Around "to tell and share"As it expresses the Olli. Caro that sounds when returning to the villa of the ladies then this: "Dude, I've slept an hour '."

"How was Vegas?"

From there it gets really funny. Chaos breaks out. They would never do something like that, telling the assembled emancipation support group of bachelors, with curlers in your hair, as if the 50s never ended. You would have slept anyway with the Bachelor! And so on. Saying follows spell Zickerei on Zickerei. Caro contradicts that interests but no. Until the night of roses no longer talks to her. And with the Bachelor. Gorgeous! Olli has actually managed to apply these hardened Assembly anonymous Extension Addict closed against him. 

But he was not my Olli, the most beautiful man in Germany, Europe, the world and the entire known universe, if he is not playing would get the situation under control. Step number one: a loosely then thrown saying. "How was Vegas?" No reaction. Since only step number two, that is concentrated drinking helps. A quick check: Sam begins to howl. Step number three: The Olli brings her the next drink. Goal! Step number four, and that's really the key: Bring a saying, oh what a wisdom in which all feel better that conjures them a smile on the lips, when they realize how unique they are. And Olli, my Olli, who of course just such a stock. Attention, here it comes: "No matter who would have slept with me, each would have gotten these sayings." Bazinga! He would also rumbekommen me.

P.S. .: You remember this pretty Parmesanreibe that uses the Olli as abdomen, which can be seen in the trailers? Apparently this is not the bachelor, but a model named Tobias N .. Claimed at least the "image", Olli was not in shape. Waaaassss ??? A bottomless impudence as that! I can not accept that! Not my Olli! Meanwhile Twelve-Pack is surely beyond doubt! Where others have a belly because of Olli has a hard-hitting extension of the combat zone. Since no grams of fat, is shaking nothing you can believe me! That had to be said. Oh, Ollis's formidable of stomach can unfortunately
Karina and
Liesa-Marie no longer convincing. But perhaps this Tobias N. has plenty of time. 

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