Addicted to Selena

So sexy is Selena's new song "Fetish"

Selena Gomez

Instagram / selenagomez

"You have a fetish for my love, I push you away from me, and you come back again and again. I do not blame you, if I were you, I would also ..."  well ... uh ... take. The text of the new song "Fetish" Selena Gomez is confident, over-sexy and above all: narcissistic. Another example: "You are addicted to my body, I can take you and sculpt and bend like origami."

is probably dedicated to whom this Amour Fou-text? Her current boyfriend hopefully not The Weeknd. Nevertheless, the song is extremely catchy and definitely takes to to load on our road trip playlist. 

Watch the video here "Fetish" Selena Gomez

Selena's best looks: 

Change of clothes!

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