Jennifer Aniston and the men

The actress has no luck in love. Countless affairs, but the right was never there. It is striking: Just freshly deposited men seem to have done it to Jennifer Aniston. GLAMOUR.DE thins the darkness in the affair mess of stars. And shows them the exes - and the current candidates

Jennifer Aniston, 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

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As "Rachel" it was with the television series "Friends" one of the best-paid women in Hollywood, is the most eligible bachelor fished - and a few years later, alone and without success in the cinema. Since she separated in 2005 by Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston seems nothing more to succeed. If you believe the media, the notches are innumerable on her bedpost. "She's just very, very extremely well known. Famous. If a man even 'hello' says to her, then is equal to note that he is in love with her Hangover "star Bradley Cooper," said "- to deny the same breath vehemently his alleged affair with her.

"A perfect package"

It is conspicuous that Jennifer Aniston puts a preference for freshly deposited gentlemen at the day. Latest Victim: Jake Gyllenhaal. Was abandoned in December from wife Reese Witherspoon and now has his eye on the eleven years older, actress: "She's hot, intelligent, and spiritually, a perfect total package." A certain attraction have always existed between the two, when they already 2002 "The Good Girl" twisted together, tell friends. But both have always been in relationships. That has now changed: Both Gyllenhaal Aniston also are single. But just now kriselt the marriage of ex-husband Brad Pitt. Jennifer must decide this time also.

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