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Unax Ugalde plays in the new film comedy "Bon Appetit" Nora Tschirner side and puts blame if we spoil our food

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Unax Ugalde breaks with his role in "Bon Appetit" heart ©
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"Bon Appetit": Therefore it

Koch Daniel (Unax Ugalde) has been able to land a job in Zurich in the top restaurant by Thomas Wackerle (Herbert Knaup). But he developed a passion not only for the new challenge, special, especially for sommelier Hanna (Nora Tschirner). Too bad that the common happiness are two relationships in the way Daniel was at home in Bilbao a girlfriend and Hanna is in a relationship with the boss. However, according to a joint Kiss Daniel in love permanently - and fate takes its course ...


 "Bon Appetit"The movie trailer

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