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Remember to "Melrose Place"? Then you know for sure, Thomas Calabro, who could win one or the other woman's heart, not only in the series. Now the actor returns to the screen and has little lost any of his good looks.

Calabro Thomas

Thomas Calabro ©
ddp images, Collage: Condé Nast

Oh, how could we ever forget him, Thomas Calabro. In the 90 years he schemed as series villain Dr. Michael Mancini "Melrose Place" and yet conquered with his inimitable charm and smile our hearts. More sad we were when he almost completely disappeared following the demise of the cult series in 1999 in the sinking and was only sporadically seen on the screen. Calabro had only a few guest appearances on "Cold Case". "CSI: NY" and unfortunately far too short way past edition of "Melrose Place", Now the now 53-year-old rising at last again in the series business.  

Sing, laugh, cry?  

In his TV return will not stay much left of Thomas Calabro as a member of the upper class to Beverly Hills. The actor gets a role in the musical hit series "Glee"That plays in the peaceful Ohio. Calabro mimes the father of Noah Puckermann (Mark Salling). Whether these efforts will be permanent, is still open. But the creators of the show have announced the family life of Noah "puck" wanting Puckermann more in focus. Thus, increases the chances that we get to see on the screen Calabro again in the future more often.  

Like other series stars have changed over the past 20 years, you will see in our gallery.

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