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Hot kisses, hot dances and a second woman next Bachelorette! We use information from RTL advance and already know what happens in a row the third Warning, spoilers!

Bachelorette, Jessika Paszka

Everyone wants the "Bachelorette" - but who gets the Rose of Jessica?

This night of roses has it all! There will be dancing and smooching - also pour three of the candidates Bachelorette Jessica Paszka her heart out. But back to the beginning: Jessica selects six candidates for an Andalusian flamenco evening. Celebrate flirting, and flamenco is
Andre, René,
Lukasz and
Sebastian on. And - in contrast to the rather boring second series - will go into the full Sebastian and Domenico (with an announced mating dance). We can not wait to check out the dance moves of the candidates it already no.

After that there's a special surprise, which makes the heart of every man later for John. He may heat with Jessica in a Ferrari into single date. How are the other competitors respond that the only Bachelorette tidy are with him gas and then goes up close on the golf course?    



Or cry the other candidates Bachelorette no tears? Because suddenly appears another woman! That has never happened before ... RTL smuggled a teacher in the villa, which by chance wearing a tight top with a huge neck and must bow incessantly down - around the plants to care for, is clear. "Without sex life here is difficult!"Then is also equal to the conclusion of the candidates.



vent high time to: The Bachelorette send some men in a boot camp to make their manhood and their willpower to the test. In the losers sporting setback for frustration and strife in the men's Villa provides. Some came not even to train and seriously doubt on their chances, while one seems to overtake all. But he can keep a sweet secret to himself or he risks a breach of trust, the next Rose?

We want the "Bachelorette"

But Bachelorette Jessica struggles with her admirers, because three men tell her in the face: "You're scaring me now", For even the Bachelorette will unveil in the next episode on Wednesday, 28 July 2017 a secret. Given these many exciting campaign we have almost no different than back on - and read Thursday morning Felix Reeks column! 
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June 27, 2017, 18:25

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