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Elyas M'Barek celebrating his 30th birthday! Congratulations to the actor with a special look at his career

Elyas M'Barek

Happy Birthday: Elyas M'Barek 2012 celebrates its 30th anniversary ©
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Did the movie "Girls, Girls" Viewed (2000)? If so, you have an actor who celebrates his 30th birthday (29.05.) In 2012, as seen in his first film role:
Elyas M'Barek
. Really often, however, the then 18-year-old was not in the picture. In the comedy he had only a small presence - but the foundation for the acting career of Elyas M'Barek was laid. In 2002, he played alongside Mario Adorf, Bruno Ganz and Nina Hoss in the drama "Epstein's night", The breakthrough failed Elyas M'Barek with the challenging role however. Only through his series appearances, the producers were aware of the actor.  

Common career: Elyas M'Barek and Florian David Fitz

Earlier in his career was Elyas M'Barek especially for TV series on the air. In 2002 he made his debut in the ARD series "damn love", In the series, another actor, incidentally, was seen by Elyas M'Barek Some things have in common:
Florian David Fitz
. The two were then for the movie "Männerherzen" (2008), the TV production "Night Shift - We are the police" (2009) and "Doctor's Diary" (2009 to 2011) together in front of the camera. Most recently Elyas M'Barek and Florian David Fitz, by the way, both live in Munich to see the German Film Award 2012 Design. Elyas M'Barek presented the awards along with Jessica Schwarz, Florian David Fitz presented the award to the best actress.

From TV actor to movie star

The best known role of Elyas M'Barek and certainly remains the Cem Öztürk in the series "Turkish for Beginners" (2005 to 2008). Meanwhile, the actor from the TV performer has blossomed into a movie star. Since 2008 Elyas M'Barek stood for as much as twelve films before the camera. Among other things, he was in "The wave" (2008) "Männerherzen" (2009) or "What a Man" (2011) with
Matthias Schweighofer
to see. In 2012 alone, Elyas M'Barek was in the movies "Offroad". "Turkish for Beginners - The movie" and "Five friends" to see. On September 6, 2012 also is the comedy "Partly sunny" come to German cinemas. The next highlight is Elyas M'Barek to already: With Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley, he is the film adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Medicus" available from June 2012 in front of the camera - probably one of the nicest gifts 30th birthday ...   

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