Did someone say …. shots?

Rihanna is the coolest woman on the planet! If we did not already know anyway, then they would have upgraded their coolness factor with this action through the roof: As Date brought namely with a flask

"For this evening I need a drink", Rihanna thought safe because their album "Anti" was not even for the "Album of the Year"-Grammy been nominated, although it has even reached platinum. Now she has a new friend: the flask - with Swarovski Crystal coating. Who has proved her a loyal service at the Grammys 2017th After each presenter there was a small sip.

Rihanna is well aware of any guilt. Shots? No, something I do not.

Rihanna with the flask?!?!?

- ............ (@LaLaChannell) February 13, 2017

With hip flask in his hand it dances best ...


After this physical training course you have thirsty again ...

#rihanna is all of us! #GRAMMYs

- LA CANVAS (@LACANVAS) February 13, 2017

Ironically applauding ...


... cost precious shot of energy. It's time for another shot, right?

I think it's time for another shot! #Rihanna #turnup #GRAMMYs

- シ Master Jay ™ (@djmasterjay) February 13, 2017

Thank Riri! We love you.

Red, black and very much skin

February 13, 2017, 9:24

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