Pattinson: & quot; We are a couple & quot;!

Ever since the first "Twilight"Film seething the rumor mill, now it's finally official: The "Twilight"Hitmakers are in love

Premiere of Summit Entertainment's "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" - Party

It is finally out - Robert Pattinson explained in "BAFTAs": "We are a couple!" ©
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For months they have denied it, but now finally comes the confirmation: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are a couple. Despite being the "BAFTAs," the British Oscars, appeared separately and did not sit next to each other, Pattinson made his love publicly after the ceremony. "It is difficult but we are together," he told the newspaper "The Sun".

More Security as Prinz William

The months-long game of hide simply could not be avoided due to the "Twilight" pendant "As soon as we appear anywhere together, the fans go crazy." Kristen alone appeared with six security staff to the "BAFTAs" - even Prinz William will travel with fewer security guards. Around midnight, leaving both the after-show party, but not about to retreat into their love nest: Pattinson is filming with Uma Thurman and Kristen Stewart promoting her new movie "The Runaways". So little time for love - and the third part of the "Twilight"Saga is already being planned. And will be no less the hype surrounding Kristen and Robert with certainty.

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