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Fangirls, watch out! The beauty brand Storybook Cosmetics from the United States created inspired by Harry Potter makeup utensils. In addition to make-up brushes in wand design soon follow even one eye shadow palette and - our absolute highlight - an eyeliner in an inkwell design. We'll tell you where you can pre-order the coveted Schminkpinsel now

Enchanted Eye Shadow Palette

Then probably all have "Harry Potter"Fans waited with beauty ambitions: an eyeshadow palette in Hogwarts look. The "Witchchraft & Wizardry range" includes twelve shimmering eye shadow colors - including a silver tone with the name "Cloak" (Dt .: mantle), a cobalt blue with the label "Merlin" ("When Merlin's beard!") And a dull shade of brown with the name "broomstick" (Dt .: broomstick). Tickets go on sale on February 24, 2017

Even the packaging is a highlight for all Magic fans and looks like a book cover.

Magic Brush Set

Behind the charming idea behind the previously unknown beauty fire "Storybook Cosmetics" from the United States - founded by three friends and (how could it be otherwise) Harry Potter fangirls from Nebraska. A few weeks ago they had brought make-up brushes in wand design on the market - a set of 5 consisting of three eye shadow brushes and two larger brushes for veneering and application of rouge, powder and highlighter.

the brushes were kept in a pretty velvet pouches with a calligraphic curving "S" - the Initial cosmetics brand that has probably discovered the Fangirl cosmetics a whole new beauty niche. The bad news: The brushes were sold out in no time! That's why it was the same time a new edition: 

The brush set consists of five different brushes and was created by the founders of the fangirls and beauty fire Storybook Cosmetics. They cost $ 55, or about 51 euros! For all products applies: Quick on
can set the waiting list, because you get the coveted products only through pre-ordering. 

Magical Eyeliner

We always knew it: For the perfect eyeliner requires not only exercise, but also a little magic. For those who are also desperate to have one or the other dovetail, there's next year magical support: an eyeliner in an inkwell design from the enchanting "Harry Potter"Make-up series.

The cover of the eyeliner is simply magical: 

Cursed Brush Holder:

Especially nice: the appropriate container in Slytherin style of make-up products and brush! 

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