This make-up match the trend color red

On red clothes fashionistas can not avoid this fall! These tips you should consider when it comes to make-up

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What make-up suits red clothes? These tips you should consider when it comes to makeup ©
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Diane Kruger is known for its fashionable good nose. But also in terms of beauty, the actress has her nose are major factors: We just sighted the 31-year-old in a red robe of Yves Saint Laurent - this convinced with an elegant makeup.

No coincidence, since many designers, Red blossomed absolute favorite color for winter 2012. Whether we think of the runway at Gucci, Dior, Michael Kors, Prada and Burberry Prorsum - Red is currently omnipresent.

Fashionistas not pass hence to the new trend color. Granted, who wears red clothes, already needs a healthy self-confidence. Finally, red is the signal color par excellence. But the big performance is guaranteed. only the question arises: what makeup I wear the trend color red?

Diane Kruger opted for a classic make-up with curved eyeliner and red lips. But other looks you can try out easily. These tips you should consider when it comes to makeup.

Make-up for trend color red

  • Make sure that your complexion is particularly even, because that raises red bumps out visually. Concealer and foundation for this reason are a must.
  • Vote the red of her clothes on her complexion! Too cold skin types fits bluish red, while warm skin types better opt for a red with yellowish or brownish undertones.
  • The red of the lipstick should look similar to the tone of her clothes.
  • Select the combination of black painted eyes and red mouth only for the evening. During the day you emphasize either lips or eyes.
  • Beige and bronze - whether for the eyelids, cheeks or lips - give the make-up to red clothes a naturally fresh look.

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