Bärenstarke hair

Blue gummy bears now fill us the dream of strong, long hair. At least promises the American company "Sugar Bear Hair", Stars like Vanessa Hudgens can not get enough of the sugar-sweet trend-food already. Now there are the bears in Germany

Those who long for a strong and long mane, has probably already so tried some dietary supplements - from brewer's yeast tablet until brown millet powder. Now blue bears join the ranks of the beautifier.

The bad news: the so-called "Sugar Bears" contain - as the name suggests, honestly - some sugar (1.5 g per bear) and glucose syrup. However, the remaining ingredients are known hair-Booster: Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, B5, B12 folic acid, biotin, zinc, ... For the sweet taste make berries and coconut oil, the blue color is caused by food coloring. By the way: Since no gelatin is used, even vegans can nibble! 

How broken my hair is real?
Here find in our GLAMOR test!

The vitamin combination to eventually provide stronger and faster hair growth. This hair will be more elastic, shiny and less brittle. Two bears per day should it be sufficient. Vanessa Hudgens is a fan. 

To order, there is the blue jelly babies now in
Hail Store in Germany for 39 euros for 60 pieces. From the US to Get Them 
here. A pack for a month costs the equivalent of about 26 euros plus shipping costs. Although the bears may be classified as healthy because of the sugar not at all, they are certainly an alternative to their golden relatives. We will test it for sure!

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