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Acne is not an issue for women over 30. Adolescence is long gone, the Kilmakterium lies in the distant future. Yet complain more and more "best agers" about bad impurities. A new endemic disease? asks for and Dr. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, a dermatologist in Munich, responds to questions on the subject of acne and other skin problems.



Effective ways of acne treatment

medical cosmetics

In case of persistent skin problems, the regular trips for medical cosmetics recommended (recommended every 4-5 weeks). Unlike beauty salons medical treatment is affiliated to the dermatologist. This is not about pampering but the mere cleansing of the skin and the opening of skin closures. Cremchen and massages are not part of the treatment, only to relieve a soothing cream without perfumes to redness and inflammation (Price per session: € 40 .-). Fruit acid peels can dramatically improve the skin's appearance in the form of a cure of four to eight sessions ( Price for a cure: about € 320.-). must here, as well as in the microdermabrasion, to pay attention to your skin type. Very sensitive skin tolerates neither the one nor the other.

Laser Treatment

What to do if already scars or red spots have formed as a result of incorrectly pressed pimples? In this case, cortisone creams are, according to Dr. not recommended Schoppelrey, maybe they can help in the short term, but the damage is greater than the long-term benefit. Laser treatment, for example with the so-called KTP laser seals the blood vessels and after a few sessions improvements are already visible (Price per session: € 80 - € 100).


Good nutrition, adequate sleep and fresh air plus tailored to particular skin type!

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