Freshness for pale winter skin

Does this sound familiar: Especially in winter have a lot to contend with a pale, gray skin. Fresh apple cheeks? None. Remedy Rouge, which distributes the winter blues in an instant from your face

Rouge apply: freshness for pale Winterhaut_536896

Rouge is easy to apply and gives you fast becoming a healthy appearance - especially in winter ©

Already in the 18th century Rouge was one of the most popular cosmetics of the woman. Because despite noble pallor was considered: Do not look pale or even unhealthy. And so the woman of the world dabbed already in times of Louis XVI. a touch of rouge on her otherwise pale powdered face.
A trend that has continued until today. And so will still powdered, spotted and applied lotions in the 21st century. Because instead of powder blush, which formerly was composed mainly of carmine and talc, today there is a whole range of different consistencies: powders, creams, sticks, gels, mousses and even liquid colors for naturally red cheeks.

Which shade perfectly matches your skin tone, we'll tell you on the following pages.

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