Welding is absolutely not hot! The best tips and greatest errors

This situation also know superstars like Katy Perry: keep an important lecture or wait for the long-awaited date. But the sweat running down your body and your hands are wet as in the driving test. In important situations it is always appear confident and relaxed, and especially one not: a sweat. But there is help against sweating. We clear about errors and treatments and give expert advice


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Welding is per se nothing wrong but regulates our body temperature. Therefore, every adult has two to four million sweat glands. Most densely settled these in the palms, soles of the feet, armpits and groin.

Every person secretes average quarter from up to half a liter of sweat per day. But what the one taking care not large, may be the closest to a real problem and burden the psyche strong.

Dr. Christoph Schick of Hyperhidrosezentrum in Munich dealt daily with effective solutions to the problem, wet: "We think it important that people lie immediately under the knife. In many cases, gentle methods for welding reduction ranging from completely",

These methods include deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants decompose the bacteria and thus combat the unpleasant odor. Antiperspirants close the sweat pores and reduce the formation of body moisture. Meanwhile, the terms are, however, often cluttered. The products sold in drugstores and supermarkets are often indiscriminately all as "called deodorant. " For most of us, these products range from complete.

If the sweating but then takes a strong extent that everyday life is severely impaired, it is called hyperhidrosis. "This can become such a large problem that all biographies have been different"Reveals Dr. Fancy. Before restricts his life so drastically, you should also consider further measures considered. In question, for example, are a Botox treatment and suction curettage.
We talked to an expert. On the following pages we will discuss about the most common mistakes and give advice.

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