Fantastic complexion with Lancôme Dreamtone

Like many women, I dream of a flawless, radiant skin that does not need makeup. Lancôme has developed the solution everyone's problems: Dreamtone. To be too good to be true? I was able to test the miracle serum


Lisa Hantke / Katja Brömer

Youcef S. Nabi, president of Lancôme, knows what women place value: "The desire for a beautiful complexion is deeply rooted in the minds of women - regardless of their age, skin tone and their origin. Therefore Lancôme has developed an innovative, unprecedented care concept", 

I was able to test the correction serum and convince myself of Lancôme Dreamtone. Since the skin tone of a combination of the three natural pigments hemoglobin, melanin and carotenoids results, Lancôme has developed three different pigmentation corrections. A distinction is made in three sections: the light skin tone, which tends to a pale complexion and acting redness, the average skin tone, which tends to a gray veil and a dark skin tone, which tends to be dark times. My skin corresponds to the average sound, because my complexion sallow often acts after a long day in the office and would lose all shimmer without my beloved BB Cream and Blush. Since the corrector using the custom formulas on each Pigmentierungsprofil acting individually, my skin should appear within 8 weeks of healthy, fresh and transparent. I was excited.

My first impression was positive: The texture of the corrector is light, refreshing and provides a pleasant skin feel. Although, serum has a high silicon content, however, bring the luster pigments contained my complexion at the first application to shimmer. Even after 4 weeks my skin is even and naturally beautiful, pale complexion and graying, ade. 

After the scheduled eight weeks I can draw a conclusion: Dreamtone improves the complexion within a very short time, brings the complexion shine and creates a pleasant glow. While I can not give up BB Cream Blush and always, my skin has, however, improved significantly.    

Lancôme Dreamtone, 40 ml to 90 euros

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