A crisp Ass to attract

3, 2, 1, Knackpo: We have the new Booty Pop Panties tried

Booty Panties

Push-ups for each cheek: the Booty Pop Panties ©

In times of the hourglass silhouette, the Brazilian butt lifts and Knackpo World Championships Po-catchers number one has become. And the Traumpo is far more abundant than one would assume 55 percent of the GLAMOUR.DE phone users prefer round curves à la Nicole Scherzinger. The men at see a similar view: They give Ms. Scherzinger 53 percent of the vote. Say: The current Trendpo has volume.

Those who want neither rely on time-consuming visits the gym on silicone implants, can try a beauty innovation from the USA: push-up panties for the Popo, the Booty Pop Panties.

Booty Pop Panties in the editorial test

No sooner had we the push-up innovation by Susan Bloom Stone and her co-designer Lisa Reisler on the table, we had the brightly colored hipster test course. The result: When worn under jeans Booty Pop Panties actually conjure up thanks to the relatively high up sewn cushions a sexy XXL-Po. Perfect for the party show running. Best of all, if in a few years a boyish Mini Po is back in fashion, the Panties are easy to mothball for a few seasons.

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