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She is bubbling with vitality and optimism. Miranda Kerr meets beauty editor Jessica Simon with such a positive attitude that infects directly ....


Miranda Kerr is bursting with positive energy ©

I enter the presidential suite of the "Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski" in Munich. Under my feet fluffy white carpet that runs like on springs. The sun streams through the large windows and leaves the premises shine even more. I look at the white leather sofa, from a radiant Miranda Kerr jumps up and asks me to take a seat. She is bubbling with vitality. Before us on the glass table: the new Escada perfume 'Joyful', which she lends her face. Next: Bouquets of white roses.

GLAMOR: Are white roses your favorite flowers?

Miranda Kerr: They are gorgeous. But most of all I love peonies. They are so beautiful, very feminine and delicate. And also a component of 'Joyful'. As I Escada asked if I would like to be the face of the perfume, I did not think twice.

GLAMOR: The title of perfumes fits so well to you ...

Miranda Kerr: Yes, that's right. I try to see everything positively. I'm just thankful for my health, my son and his health, my family, friends and I have a roof over their head. That I have fresh water and enough food. There are so many things in life that you can not take for granted. When you realize how precious life is, it can be very different look at things. This gratitude brings joy and that fills me.

GLAMOR: Life unfortunately also brings bad times with him.

Miranda Kerr: If we were never brought to life challenges, how can we appreciate the good times? Being human includes both positive and negative experiences. but you have the choice of how to handle it. My first boyfriend died at age 18, I was 16. That was a very difficult time for me. Until I changed my way of looking at this dramatic event. For I have realized that I can be grateful for the time in which he has enriched my life, grateful for the time we had together. And now I have so much new happiness. My son Flynn. If he hugs me, it's the best feeling I've ever had. If he holds my hand, it feels like magic. I love him. He has been with me here in Munich. He is currently in the park, because he loves to be outside. He is a real outdoorsman.

GLAMOR: You certainly share many wonderful experiences together. What has not given you the most energy?

Miranda Kerr: Indeed, to give a life. Flynn. Also the feeling of being pregnant was a wonderful time for me. Everything I've done in this time, and experience, all my thoughts and deeds have affected the little creature in me. And you want to allow him the best start in life. When Flynn was born and he's quite nestled by itself for the first time to my chest - that was magical.

GLAMOR: Where does every morning your rousing joie de vivre?

Miranda Kerr: First of all, I cuddle with my son, I cuddle him and kiss him and tell him that I love him. And he says the same thing to me. Then I pray. Thank you for the beautiful day for the gift of life, for my family's health, my son. (She folds her hands) Please bless this day, everyone I meet and help me, you to be a support in the world and to spread your divine love.


Jumping for Joy!


GLAMOR: And if you get up again on the wrong side? Have a panacea against bad mood?

Miranda Kerr: I call it "Jumping for Joy", Man leaps and bounds and thinks of everything for which we are grateful. has gone to the bad mood. Additionally, Who is annoyed when he hops?

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'Joyful' by Escada is available at select beauty stores from now, 75 ml EdP 91 €

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