Death of a smartphone

In our series "Felix's crazy world" writes our author and "Bachelor"Columnist Felix Reek regularly on the big and small oddities of our lives. This time: the world on a screen


Maybe it was fate that our ways parted, dear smartphone. A wink to finally deal with other things.

I am in mourning. No, no need to send your condolences. It's about my smartphone. It's dead. Mausetot. I can remember our last moments I still accurate. You and I, we stood in front of the mobile phone repair shop. Your headphone jack did not like me. So I peeled you out of your Schutzmäntelchen to take out the card. Then, a short trip - and you fell perceived twenty stories down on the hard, hard asphalt. The result: Across your display withdrew several deep scratches. That must have been too much for your ego. Only a few days later you stürztest yourself on the hard bathroom tiles. Game over.

You send your Apps What now of a better place

The first few hours later there was blind panic. Without any smartphone I felt so naked at once. How should I now delete all the newsletters that I have subscribed for years, never read, but I'm just too lazy to turn off? How to receive messages from WhatsApp groups such as "Naked and hot on Ibiza" (Do not ask my wife reads)? How to know when Kim Kardashian has released a new Selfie (right this second. And in this. And in each other)?

Just. Not at all. So I took you on the first day after your death just yet with. Without a SIM card. A watch with too large dial. It was then that I realized how many times I looked at my phone without cause on the day. Because I still did. Out of habit. Although the smartphone looked back impassively at me. The world had to be pretty boring around me. As I had previously endured only without a cell phone, back in the analog Stone Age? I belong still to the generation who phoned dial. In the hallway of the parents. Try Se to time with a girl to arrange, while Mom and Dad listen giggling! I can tell you so: In the past nothing was better. There were dark years.

For even more hours

The next day was no better. In the dead smartphone that followed after all, still functioning iPad. For even more hours. Fortunately, I rejected to put it in your pocket the idea. That would have looked a little strange. But why there is WLAN. It almost felt a bit like earlier. As with you. Until I went to the front door and the welcome died. All over. Only the cruel world and me. The real. Dont eat that.

On the seventh day I do not handle every few minutes in my pants pocket. I had left smartphone and iPad at home. I could say that I perceived the colors much brighter you now. Or hear the birds chirping. But that would be a lie. Instead, I saw people like me. The ever ran to their phone staring through the city. How completely decouple from their surroundings are. When trying to participate in the world. How many are there. That had never noticed before. Because I had a few days earlier also always staring at my phone. I was one of them!

Then I realized: Maybe it was fate that our ways parted, dear smartphone. A wink to finally deal with other things. Ignoring who posting what on Facebook. It's better this way. We just do not mix. There is so much out there to see. Let us stay friends.

It rings. I go to the door. It is the postman. My new phone is there. I had quite forgotten. I have to look immediately what Kim Kardashian has driven the last days like that.

Felix Reek

Daniel Hofer

Growing up in the Rheingau vineyards and Japanese tourists could only be one of our columnists Felix Reek: exactly archaeologist. To him, noticed that there digging in doubt, 30 years in the same hole in the ground and in the end found nothing. So he studied in Marburg literature and film studies and began to write. If he does not, he beats a defenseless guitars and watched his daughter to grow. 
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