Klaus has gepupt in the corner

In our series "Felix's crazy world" our author and "Bachelor" columnist Felix Reek writes regularly on the big and small oddities of our lives. This time: The Tamagotchi is back. And it annoying animal


Klaus is very excited. He scurries from right to left from top to bottom and back again. Klaus is my Tamagotchi

Klaus is very excited. He scurries back from right to left, from top to bottom and back again. Klaus annoying quite formidable. I'll get the baseball bat and drag him about one. He warps to the bottom and looks very bedröppelt. May I introduce: It's Klaus. Klaus is my Tamagotchi.

The older of you will remember. In the 90s, the Tamagotchi was something like Dieter Bohlen. No one liked it, it was annoying huge, but it was incredibly successful. The Tamagotchi should be something like a digital chick rearing it. You had to feed it, play with him and love. Then it was a nice chicken. Got it from all that too little, it developed into a nasty alien. So in principle like a real child.

Tamagotchi Classic: The most expensive app of my life

For the 20th anniversary of the Tamagotchi a Japanese manufacturer has launched the plastic egg again. So far it is not yet to get into Germany. But there is a remedy. The smartphone app Tamagotchi Classic. And because nothing is sweeter than nostalgia and I never had a Tamagotchi, I downloaded this app on behalf of science. For just 4.22 euros. The most expensive app of my life.

For that I expect anything. Great graphics, fun, games and entertainment. And get a pink virtual egg with three buttons. Aha. I close the app again. After 30 seconds, the chick reports for the first time. It is a teiggesichtiges, so, uh, face. I call Klaus. It reminds me of a former boss.

I think I have beaten Klaus again

Klaus beeps. I give him something to eat. And again. And again. He seems satisfied and I'm off the phone. A minute later it vibrates. No, no breaking news that the Dax rose by 0.2 percent. It's Klaus. I ignore him. Without success. 30 seconds later he answers back. I express wild on the buttons until the baseball bat appears. The Tamagotchi is very excited. I think I've Klaus thrashed again.

I have a bad conscience, and looking through the description of the app. The baseball bat is playing. Phew, I have not beaten Klaus. Relieved, I can breathe. Until I discover a pixel pile on the side. That is not …? This can surely ...? But. It's a turd. Klaus is less than ten minutes old and has gepupt me on the screen. Reluctantly I choose the duck. The power clean. I throw the phone into a corner.

Nothing distracts from Klaus

Klaus returns to operation. Maaannn. Now I remember. The Tamagotchi disappeared so quickly because they were annoying animal. But in the nostalgic to forgive quickly. I was already on the 90 parties and I am freaked out if "Can not Touch This" or "I Want It That Way" ran. As the songs were new, I had to throw up immediately. Okay, except for "Can not Touch This". This is really a horny title. Hammer wanna dance now!

Back to Klaus. I go on the light bulb and it gets dark. Maybe it directs the off for a few minutes. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. "Tamagotchi is calling you!" Appears on the display. I open the app. Hmm. Nothing to see Oh, it's still dark. Klaus scurries around briefly. Then he disappears at the bottom and large "Z" to rise from his head. Now he sleeps. This really is like my children.

A year ago, a large white Brummer

Peace at last. At least for five minutes. Klaus is calling. He is full of beans. He dressed himself equal the light. I click my way through the menu of the app. The Tamagotchi is well fed, happy and without any discipline. Is not noticed. He is now a year old and a large white Brummer. I close the screen.

Then my smartphone is effectively closed. For a whole hour. A blessing. Until I start to get worried. When it comes Klaus well? he needs something to eat? he wants to play? In the 90 million Tamagotchi a miserable death eventually died because they were simply forgotten. I open the app. sounds cheerful music. Klaus beeps excited. He has shit again in the corner. Maaaannn!

Felix Reek

Daniel Hofer

Growing up in the Rheingau vineyards and Japanese tourists could only be one of our columnists Felix Reek: exactly archaeologist. To him, noticed that there digging in doubt, 30 years in the same hole in the ground and in the end found nothing. So he studied in Marburg literature and film studies and began to write. If he does not, he beats a defenseless guitars and watched his daughters to grow.   
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