What Us The Average Weight Of A 13 Year Old What’s the Fate of Those With Wicked Karma?

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What’s the Fate of Those With Wicked Karma?

Have you convinced yourself that you utterly refuse to be treated the same way a human animal is and you will not be bound by the sluggish progress of natural evolution. If you don’t you are gambling that destiny will guide your life and you will never become a master of yourself in life or at death. This is the fate of those who refuse to take command of their life. Lives which are governed solely by the laws of cosmic causation or the karmic laws are the hidden players in the game of life. You lose your independence and you can not say yes or no when herded to the right path or evil ways.

Let us be reminded about karma the “absolute discipliner.” A typical man most often follows a careless existence not comprehending its purpose. He cannot understand that his whole existence is a gladiatorial boot camp for people who are lacking mental, physical and spiritual development. Most people are totally unprepared for what is coming to them in life. The misbehaving man can get away with breaking human laws and its penalties. But the justice of karma is inescapable.

The law of karma governs the whole universe and it is impossible to avoid or escape it by crude force. The warnings to those who indulge in wickedness or sinful behavior are fated as trained animals, intoxicated and unable to perform. After drugging themselves with degrading existence they soon realize that all of their good qualities are slowly ebbing away to bestial behavior and complete inertia when one is drugged by oversleep, mental aimlessness and idleness. Wicked people who seek low company in their earthly existence are therefore reborn into a sinful family. Habitually sick people are reincarnated in families prone to illness as the miserly rich ones are reborn into poor homes. When you strap a heavy bag of gold on the back of a mule it does not profit from it; this treasure is of no value to the mule it just suffers under its heavy weight. Like the dumb animal a rich miser will suffer from the weight of burdensome responsibilities with no benefit from its wealth. Get rid of the desire for more and more wealth and strive to find the ways to true happiness.

Good souls who are of calm disposition normally have a calming deep sleep when sleeping the sleep of death. Before reincarnating these good souls experience a wonderful revitalizing peace with dream visions of wondrously uplifting experiences. The average soul who is neither evil or virtuous during his unconscious peaceful sleep has only occasional experiences of astral wakefulness while the virtuous enjoy the heavenly astral planets because of their good karma when awakening in the astral world after their death sleep. The astral lands surpass human description with gardens of flowers made with vibrations of light. The glowing blossoms are never fading in a realm of hued rainbows, cascading fountains of prismatic lights; skies and seas have opalescent bright waves.

The astral heaven is a luminous land of joy, freedom and incredible beauty in an atmosphere of well-being and love. You will find upon arriving in the pure clean beautiful astral world no weeds, insects or barren lands with snakes or offensive reptiles, but rainbow rivers and opal lakes. Our astral forms are never subjected to heat or cold but with an eternal spring and even temperatures. You will see yourself as your exact counterpart of how you looked in your youth in your last incarnation. Your spiritual quality is your astral beauty as little importance is placed on facial good looks. You will see the astral beings drink nectar from flowing astral brooks and fountains of light. In the astral soils there are wonderful raylike luminous vegetables. You will rejoice with your relatives and friends from past lives who are easily recognizable and you will realize the immortality of love and friendship from the tragic parting of earthly life. The lifespan in the astral world far exceeds that of the life on earth. The average span of life for the advanced astral inhabitant is up to one thousand years according to our measurements on earth.

Different sects and cultures envision heaven correspondingly to their social and racial habits of belief: streets of gold, endless pleasures with virgins, a happy hunting ground, angels making music on celestial harps, truly a heaven of many mansions.

Wicked souls however have many strange and unpleasant experiences after death in the afterlife. Excitable and restless people often experience terrible nightmares while sleeping, likewise when people of troubled wicked disposition leave their body will experience accordingly to the law of karma terrible astral nightmares during their death sleep due to the mirror image of their gathered evil. People of evil actions will experience periodic dreadful nightmares in the nether regions of the astral world. It is impossible to find salvation or be saved praising the name of the Lord or uttering crescendos of hallelujahs.

When you misuse the power of free choice you forfeit your chance of incarnating in a divinely endowed human body and instead this misuse of power will cause you to rebirth in a demonic womb or in some hellish state of existence either on earth or in a place of violence and suffering in other regions of dark astral worlds or in another universe, characterized by nightmares and fearsome beings. This terrible karmic fate of these demonic mentalities is to continue to be trapped birth after birth in darkest delusion unless they awaken themselves by right action and determination. If not they may further descend to the lowest depths even incarnating in an animal body for a time or in some astral bestial form as for the insane person who has lost all reason.

There are some universes where those who have immersed themselves in nothing but evil will reincarnate in animal bodies or in human beings of bestial or base natures in vile conditions that are primarily dominated by manifestations of evil as likened to prehistoric earth in the age of bestial creatures as dinosaurs and beasts so ferocious of air, land and water; with interspecies wars keeping their inhabitants screeching with devouring and cannibalistic murders with depraved beings who dwell as demons and goblins. After so many nightmarish incarnations of deaths and miseries all of these vicious brutes, wild beasts, evil goblins and the grossest human forms, should learn their lessons and make every effort to depart from these celestial histrionics. Thus, according to the heavenly ordinance of karmic law the “lowest among men” in their next incarnation attract a birth that is inauspicious in surroundings commensurate with dissolute behavior.

There are those who seek a higher state of consciousness and the meaning of life and those who don’t. The principle of reincarnation brings us back again and again until one finally makes the grade. There is a tremendous fear for some of this endless cycle of reincarnation. The more you begin to understand the whole show of this creation the more you will be willing to break out of this endless cycle of rebirths. There are much higher levels of consciousness where we can live. At its very best, this is nothing but a penitentiary colony for spiritually retarded people; however, the moment you begin to develop your God given intelligence, it becomes a school of wisdom for immortals; then you begin to laugh at the antiques of the world because you begin to understand what is actually happening.

Our karmic pattern will determine how high or low are status is at birth. The deep truths of the karmic laws should not be viewed upon metaphysically as an abstraction but as a way of life. This is why it is so important not to associate with lowlifes. The snake is impervious to its own venom but the poison is harmful to someone who is bitten; our only rational course of action is to exterminate the snakes or not go near them without an antidote. The intelligent man remedies the situation by remaining in good company and by removing himself from the company of evil people. You and I are our own saviors.

Karma chases after us no matter how fast we run away from it. The law of success is scientific in nature. We are responsible for ourselves and no one can answer for our own actions. You need to learn all of these laws on your own, so you have to be your own teacher. It is imperative to learn about the laws of karma, habits and the subconscious mind, will power, and the importance of meditation.

By using our freedom to choose to do good or evil we become the creator of our fate or destiny. We have the power to accept or refuse to act for either good or evil. Before we act we have freedom. The effect of all actions will follow us. That is the cosmic laws of justice. Both virtue and vice require activity. You may be a very moral man but gradually through the influence of the company you keep you can trigger some of your latent personalities in your sub-conscious mind which were not so strong and consequently you may fall again. Neuroscientists uncovered that when we are with a group of people they begin to alter our psycho neuro-bio-chemistry in the neurons of our brain. They have now zeroed in on what is actually happening. This is why we must be more cautious with whom we meet.

There is a story in the news about a woman who was in a mental asylum for forty two years and she had done nothing. Her own family put her in that asylum to get her money. This woman suffered for forty two years. You see people who go to jail for thirty years who have apparently done nothing wrong, but you can erase from your dictionary the word innocent. The cosmic IRS will find you in any disguise you are wearing. If the mafia has a contract on you and you take refuge in the monastic order they can’t touch you, but they will wait. The mafia in New York waited seven years for this man to come out and that is when they got him.

When you die and leave the body, those traces of bad habits remain inside your astral brain and comes back to you incarnation after incarnation. Renoir, the great exuberant French painter said, “I loved women even before I could walk.” Now that is a seemingly shocking statement isn’t it? But no, it is a scientific statement because at the age of three years old your bad habits begin to gradually probe and guide your life automatically. There are pictures of a boy at sixteen months old smoking a cigar and another of an English boy, about two years old, smoking a pipe with great delight.

We have three brains, physical, astral and mental (Ideas) and these bad habits are very well implanted in your subconscious mind and they are known as samskaras which are the dormant traces of our past karma. When you die you will realize that this body was not yours and your mind was not yours either but something grafted upon you. There is mathematical exactitude in all the genetic code people are reborn with. You may be reborn in a family where a specific chromosome is reactivated to excessive drinking, sex, smoking and so on. When you are more pure you are born to a specifically designed family just for you. Therefore never complain about your father or mother being responsible for you, never. Once you understand this principle, you will realize that you are totally responsible for where you are now; when the whole world understands this reality, what a better world it would be.

This present link of life is but one link in the chain of countless incarnations. Your subconscious mind is like a computer. Inside is a micro chip of every incarnation you have ever lived and of the specific personalities you have had. For instance, if you see a person who is in peace most of the time, try to walk on his toes and you will see a different person from one second to another. What you have done may have triggered certain behavior that has made this person completely different from the one you know. That is why so many people can not understand the behavior of saints. We have multiple personalities in our subconscious mind that can be triggered any time with one word. When you are married be careful how you treat each other because you can trigger the worst in each other.

For countless incarnations we have been soldiers. The last twenty four hundred years have been a trail of blood where there have been total misunderstandings about everything and endless wars. We all have those habit tendencies of violence and that is why we enjoy movies like the “Terminator”. Much of our karma is un-manifested. When you see an iceberg in the sea, you just see a small portion of it above the surface because most of it is hidden beneath. Only a small portion of man’s karmic tendencies come to the surface in our current life conditions. We come into this world with a colossal amount of karma we have created. In this life we are working out only a small amount of it.

When you want to become spiritual all hell breaks loose and it becomes harder to get out of this self created mess you are in. You will find that when you want to become evil the whole world will assist you, but when you want to become spiritual, you will find yourself swimming against the current of the world.

We will all be confronted by the Judgment when we leave the body. The computation of all our actions, thoughts and feelings will prepare us for our next incarnation, there is no lawyer there to defend you. A person who was drowning saw the big screen with all the various facets of his life and was able to understand everything he saw at the same time. For some reason, unknown to him, he was revived and brought back to life and remembered all of this. It is said that if you have made a spiritual effort in this life God will be with you just to show you that this life was just a play, and you were just playing a role. But if you have not made a spiritual effort it will seen real for you and there could be more pain and suffering for some until you wake up to understand the big picture of creation.

All those dormant seeds of karma in your subconscious and superconscious mind can find expression when appropriate magnetism reenergizes it. For example, if you give a party you are taking a big chance when you serve alcohol. Among those people you serve might be a person who has a seed of a ticking bomb of deep alcoholism and you could be the hand that reenergizes the bad seed of tendencies for self destruction; and guess what, you will be accounted for it when you leave the body. How could you be responsible for something you did not know, right? Wrong. If there is no excuse in human law, can you imagine with God’s laws?

We are all supposed to be spiritually educated by our fathers and mothers to know the law. Unfortunately most parents do not know spiritual laws; therefore, you must become

your own lawyer, your own psychologist and your own psychiatrist to understand these laws and know that one moment of violence can be triggered by alcohol and it may kill somebody. Drunk and reckless drivers are killing themselves and other people by the thousands. The law of karma is operating here. Learning spiritual laws will help you avoid violent behavior and excesses. Those who refuse to educate themselves never try anything out of the mainstream of thought and insist on doing nothing will one day pay through the nose.

In the science of yoga you very quickly realize you are not dealing with ethics, moral codes, or constitutional rights; but you are dealing with cosmic laws or magnetic forces few people are aware of therefore you become more intelligent and you do not fight anymore with anyone; you begin to study your own behavior.

The cosmic laws of justice are the “unseen controllers” that are recording everything we do twenty four hours a day. There is no place we can hide to escape our actions; and I tell you, if I was a lawyer or doctor I would really sweat it out, but as a teacher it could be even worse if they do not tell the truth.

The prophets of old used the threat of dire punishment to whip dark minds about God’s laws. Fear was the only way dark minds could be moved with. They used threatening words to threaten to make the people change. Because if you told them they were immortals they would have said I have so many incarnations, why bother to be good, let me enjoy being evil for a while.

Some people I have known through the years have remained the same without changing. They are like fossils who always remain the same. Do you know the difference between a plant and a fossil? The plant keeps on growing and the fossil remains as it was over a million years ago. It’s better to be a living seed that when planted in the ground pushes up to draw air and sunlight, and then it grows out branches and turns into a strong tree and blossoms with flowers. This is what a man should be; a developing plant, not a piece of petrified wood. You have the power to throw blossoming branches of success and power all around yourself.

It does not matter whether you believe in karma or not. The law of karma operates with or without your permission. Some people are not convinced about reincarnation. There is no convincing; you either believe it or you don’t. You know yourself through the power of intuition and you can not convince anyone to believe in anything. It would be very unfair if God gave you the brain of a halfwit or a moron and gave another person the intellect of an Einstein. He is not partial.

Your undesirable karma cannot be destroyed without contact with God through meditation. The scientists explain it very clearly what is actually happening in your brain when you meditate properly. A complete transformation takes place. For verification and more information see chapters 26 and 43 in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, which gives a complete description of the astral universe and explains the actual meditation technique of burning off karma, which is freely given by the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles California in lesson form, mailed to your home.

This is not information collected from the National Enquirer. These words come to you from a line of Spiritual Masters who spoke from a state of cosmic consciousness from which you can learn divine strategies and gradually, while on earth, you can build that great power of discrimination and observation through which you can discover how to acquire that divinity which we all have.

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